DVP CongestionFor many people, driving takes up a significant part of the day with commutes between 15 minutes to over 90 minutes. The national average of a one-way commute is 25.5 minutes according to the U.S. Census in 2011.

Commutes are linked to increased odds of divorce, neck and back problems, and general grouchiness. What makes commuting worse are the terrible drivers that seem to be everywhere.

Each day would be so much better if we didn’t have these 10 drivers that everyone knows and, let’s admit it, we all hate.

So do us a favor, if you happen to be one of these drivers, think of everyone else around you and help make our days a little better by driving politely.

Slow Drivers

It is important to not drive in excess of the speed limit but for the most part, people drive at the speed limit posted. Those people who drive slower than the speed limit, especially in the left passing lane, are cringe-worthy and definitely agitate other drivers.

Usually it’s safe to go with the flow of traffic but if you are driving slower than everyone else, other drivers have to change lanes to get around you, which increases the chances of accidents, especially if they are slamming on their brakes behind you because you decided to move in turtle mode.

Drivers That Cut Others Off

There you are driving along and minding your own business when suddenly some car just cuts you off out of nowhere, causing you to slam on your brakes. Are you kidding me? Why drivers find this ok is beyond most of us as it’s pretty reckless and we’re all adults here for the most part.

What’s worse than drivers that cut you off are the ones that cut across multiple lanes to make an exit. Really? Couldn’t you have planned better?


It’s fine to change lanes here and there, but the drivers that pretend they are in Grand Theft Auto and spend their time weaving in and out of traffic are just ridiculous. For the most part, you really aren’t getting that much farther ahead!

Although, there is some sort of satisfaction when one of these weavers cuts you off and then ends up slamming on their brakes and are stuck among everyone else.


To those who tailgate, have you ever heard of the 3 second rule? It’s physics, really. Stay 3 seconds away so that if we need to brake, you’ll have enough time to comprehend the brake lights and then apply that information to your own foot to brake and not crash into us. Also, if we happen to be at a stoplight, you don’t need to be stopped 2 inches from our rear bumper either. Again, physics.

Imagine if you’re on a hill and the car in front of you is a manual transmission. It’s going to roll back a bit before it can accelerate forward. If your car is 2 inches from us, it will be your fault a fender bender occurs because it’s up to the car in the back to keep its distance.

Drivers Who Don’t Signal

Every car comes with signals to indicate which direction it is going. When you take your driver’s test, it’s a requirement to signal. It’s also polite to let other drivers know what you intend to do. After all, we are only operating heavy machinery and if you get in the lane in front of us without signaling, you’re not officially one of those drivers we hate that cut people off—a double negative.

Drivers Who Won’t Let You In

Oh come on, I need to get in that lane AND I’ve been signaling. Is it their goal to prevent people from getting to where they want to go by blocking them from merging into a different lane? If so, it would be good to reevaluate their own lives if ruining people’s moods is one of their daily goals. The sad thing is, we’re pretty sure these people know we hate them and they encourage it.

Turn Lane Blockers

On the opposite side, you come to a stop light and need to get into the left or right turn lanes but alas, the car in front is stopped so far behind the other one that you can’t squeeze by. If only they’d move up two inches…or the entire eight feet of space available!

In this case, it’s better to be patient but it would be so wonderful if you noticed us trying to get over and scooch up just a tad.

Taking Over 2 or More Parking Spaces

Unless you’re parked at the far end of the parking lot where no one else is, what entitles drivers to take over two or more parking spaces? There are lines for a reason for maximum parking efficiency. When parking lots are small or crowded, this is outrageous to see.

To the drivers that park like jerks, if you don’t want people bumping their car doors on yours, then park at the far end of the lot.

Driving With High Beams

In the country and the middle of nowhere, it’s perfectly acceptable to drive with high beams on. However, in the city there is no reason to drive with high beams on except to blind other drivers. Causing our eyes to dilate quickly like a vampire and hiss is one way to piss us off. How about realizing how silly you are being and drop them down to normal headlights?

Blind Spot Cruisers

The blind spot is literally the worst place a car could hang out at, so why be there? It’s understandable that sometimes drivers get lost in their own thoughts and don’t realize they are in a blind spot but ah-ha! This means you aren’t driving fully aware and putting everyone around you at risk.

Even if other drivers turn their heads to see the blind spot before switching lanes, some cars blend into the background more than others and the situation is ripe for an accident.

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