Thanks to distractions such as text messages, emails, and music, drivers are less focused on the road than ever before. With so many dangerous drivers out there, it’s no wonder that so many accidents happen each day. Check out 10 types of drivers you’ll see while behind the wheel:

1.) The Road Rager

These drivers are constantly in a hurry and will do all kinds of illegal things to pass you and other drivers…so they can end up at the same stoplight as everyone else. Flashing lights, obscene gestures and language, and bursting blood vessels are all signs of the road rager.

2.) The Kind Driver

There is such thing as being too nice, something this well-meaning driver never discovered. The kind driver is so busy letting others in at lights, roundabouts and other junctions, it takes them forever to get anywhere. That co-worker that’s always late? It could very well be due to “kind driving.”

3.) The Pop Star

Ever looked over and seen another driver car dancing, air guitaring and faux drumming away? You have witnessed the pop star driver. These drivers are not a threat so long as they keep their eyes on the road and don’t use their hands as microphones. They’re actually pretty fun to watch.

4.) The Speed Demon

Ever been speeding and someone blazes by your already fast moving car? Compulsively hit the brake that isn’t there on the passenger side when driving with someone? While these drivers may think it’s “trendy” and “awesome” to weave in and out of traffic, the reality is they’re just twits. You might be safer jumping out of the car than continuing your drive with this type of motorist.

5.) The DJ

While most people enjoy listening to good tunes while they drive, the DJ takes this love to an ear-shattering level. Feel the ground move as you walk down the street? It’s not an earthquake; it’s the DJ blaring death metal or loud electro music for everyone in neighboring counties to hear.

6.) The Pensioner

Whether or not the pensioner is old enough to receive a pension, this driver’s hands are permanently in the 10 and 2 positions. This type of driver sits are so close to the steering wheel they’re practically eating it, and they signal turns miles in advance.

7.) The Accessory

This driver has seen Pimp My Ride waaay too many times. The accessory driver takes car bling to another level, sporting rims, seats made from skins of mooing animals, multiple tailpipes and even “eyelashes” for headlights.

8.) The Learner

When you see that “student driver” sign on top of a car, approach with caution. These drivers should not be allowed in parking lots, let alone on public roads. This type of driver will not be this clueless for long, but while they are still a learner, beware.

9.) The Multi-Tasker

The multi-tasker is probably the driver most likely to take out a stop sign. While driving, the multi-tasker answers emails, puts on makeup, talks on the phone and drives with their knees while using hands to sip coffee. Be wary of this driver, and stop if it’s you!

10.) The Car-Habitor

Refrain from looking at the car-habitor’s truck, as it is undoubtedly a sea of clothing, odds and ends, and a sandwich from a month ago. These people hang out in their car while it’s stationary to get changed, talk on the phone and eat breakfast bars. You’ll have to move whatever’s in the passenger seat before taking a ride with the car-habitor.

These are just some of the types of drivers on the road today. Have you had run-ins with any of these drivers, or are one yourself?

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George is a law student from Nevada. When not busy avoiding bad drivers along the I-15 in Las Vegas, George can be found studying for his personal injury law class at the library (it’s not as bad as it sounds). George also ocassionally blogs for Jon Remmel at Remmel Law Firm. He currently lives in Las Vegas, where he drives a (very safe!) blue Hyundai Sonata.