Selecting the right car for you family can be complicated. Believe me, I know. To help narrow down your decision (and my own), I’ve compiled a list of the top safest family cars on the market. Each car listed has top marks in crash-course tests, and at least six airbags. I’ve even sorted them by category. I hope you find this useful!

Most Affordable / Best Budget

2013 Honda Civic

This is one of the most popular cars on the market. There’s a reason. It’s not only a roomy, comfortable ride, it also has a strong fuel economy (28 city /39 highway). Plus its standard features include audio controls on the steering wheel and a rearview camera.

2013 Subaru Impreza

If you live in a rural area or find yourself often driving in rain and snow, with all-wheel drive the Subaru Impreza may be your perfect car. It’s known for its rear visibility, enjoyable handling, and competitive fuel economy (27 city/ 36 highway). Special add-on features (at a low cost) include two-prong outlets for kids’ games, and an organizing tray.

Aamco - 2013 Subaru Impreza

Best SUVs

2014 Nissan Pathfinder

For an SUV, the Nissan Pathfinder’s fuel economy is impressive with 20 city/ 26 highway mpg. It has a spacious interior that seats up to seven. And its handling according to testers is “smooth and forgiving.” It includes sliding and reclining second row seats and a nooks and crannies aplenty for storing toys.

AAMCO - Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid 2014 at the New York Auto Show

2013 Chevrolet Traverse

If you’re looking for an ultra-spacious vehicle, this SUV can seat up to eight passengers. It’s the perfect option for anybody with a large family or a smaller family daring a family road trip. Its cargo area can hold up to four large suitcases. The third row seats even fold, increasing its potential storage capacity. Standard features include a rearview camera and Bluetooth connectivity.

Best Hybrid

2013 Toyota Prius C

Of all the vehicles listed, this one perhaps has the most impressive value. Look familiar? That’s because it’s the extra safe kid sister of the often-sighted Prius Hatchback. The Prius C includes nine airbags. With a fuel economy of 53 city / 36 highway mpg and a starting price of $19,080 that includes a generous list of standard features (Bluetooth connectivity, steering-wheel audio controls, etc.), it’s an unbeatable hybrid subcompact. Also, don’t be misled by its subcompact classification; it has a spacious interior with a backseat that comfortably seats two.

AAMCO - Toyota Prius C 2013

Best Crossover

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport luxuriously seats five passengers. All models include climate control ducts, plus four outlets.

2013 Honda CR-V

Though on the smaller side, the CR-V has the roominess of a larger SUV. With a fuel economy of 23 city / 31 highway mpg, and a lengthy list of safety features, it’s an all around great choice. It also includes a tech-savvy feature that allows you to listen to incoming texts through the audio system. The future has arrived.

Best Minivan

2013 Toyota Sienna

This vehicle by far has the most storage and passenger capacity. It seats up to eight, but drives with almost car-like poise. The middle row slides and reclines to seat passengers of all sizes. The third row seats even fold in two sections. This is another vehicle to consider if you’re in a rural area or frequently encounter snow. It’s the only minivan that offers all wheel drive.

Best Sedans

2013 Honda Accord

Excellent acceleration, frugal mileage (27 city / 36 Highway) and a long list of standard features that include dual climate control, a rearview mirror camera, and Bluetooth connectivity. It’s basically everything you want in a car in the form of a family sedan.

AAMCO - 2013 Honda Accord Coupe Concept

2013 Ford Fusion

This is a beautiful, sleek car. If you’re looking for a handsome ride in addition to sharp handling, and a tranquil trip—this might be your vehicle. Who says you have to give up style for a family car?

Do you own any of these vehicles and have some input? Please share! I’m still in the market.

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The author of this article is Devon Lee, an aspiring motor journalist and life-long car enthusiast. He enjoys going to car shows, traveling and exploring new trails with his dog, Rocko. Devon understands that being safe on the road is very important and consults the blog of Laura Hunt Law Offices for up-to-date vehicle safety tips.

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