At AAMCO, we know it’s hot outside when entering your car, you actually wish you had cloth seats rather than the leather. These past few days in Colorado have been particularly warm, and for those of us who have to drive, it has been rather uncomfortable having to enter our cars. The burning of the hand on the steering wheel, the singing of skin on the seat belt metal, and the sweating like a pig when you enter the inferno that is your vehicle.

Though, there are a few precautions that can be taken to lessen these headaches in the future. Let’s discuss a couple of ways that you can keep your car cooler while you are away. It should be noted that these tips are not going to make your car feel like the South Pole or anything, but they will at least reduce the temperature in your vehicle by multiple degrees.

3 Ways To Help Keep Your Car Cool

1.) Park in the Shade: There are a few worthwhile things you can do to help reduce the temperature in your car simply by parking it correctly. If you have to park further away in order leave your car under some shade, it will be worth the extra walk later on when you are forced to re-enter. The outside heat is not what cooks the inside of a vehicle so much, it is when exposed to direct sunlight that a car heats up. So avoiding as much direct sunlight as possible will help dramatically.

Another action that can be taken to help avoid direct sunlight when you leave your vehicle at work, is to figure out any areas in the parking lot that eventually become shaded in the afternoon. The morning time isn’t as much of an issue as its already cooler outside, and you wont be in your car in the morning if you’re at work. What you have to worry about is the afternoon and the time you’ll be leaving work. You need to figure out areas in the parking lot the become shaded around lunch time, as they’ll usually stay shaded throughout the day. Trees, buildings and other structures can be used to shield your vehicle. If you get to work early, and notice people parked in odd spots, chances are that they are parking in the spots where the afternoon sun wont hit. Just follow suit, but be careful, if your not fighting the afternoon sun, you’ll be fighting the co worker whose spot you annexed.

2.) Crack the Windows: A vehicles temperature can be dramatically reduced if all the windows are left cracked. You have to imagine that your vehicle is an oven, being warmed from the outside heat. So just as an oven looses heat when the door is open, your car will cool off if the windows are cracked as well. Be sure not to leave them open to much though, you dont want somebody to wander by and notice anything that can easily be taken from your vehicle.

3.) Sun Shades: There are various types of sunshades available, and a combination of all of them will obviously reduce the amount of heat that is transferred to the inside of the vehicle. In Colorado, you are allowed to tint the rear passenger windows and the rear window itself as much as desired. The driver side and front passenger window has a certain percentage of light that must be allowed in and cannot be blocked out legally. Though, there are tints that will still help, even with this low percentage.

Windshield sunshades are another option that helps significantly. The best ones have the reflective material on them, but even cardboard cut outs are better than nothing. Any means taken to reduce the amount of sunlight that can penetrate your windows and into the interior will help. If you do have the reflective sunshade, and are forced to park in the sun, try to park with your car acutally facing the sun. This will help as more of the heat will be reflected away, whereas if it was parked with the back towards the sun, the sunshade wouldn’t be doing as much as it could.

Now anyone of these tips will help reduce the overall temperature, but if all 3 are used in conjunction, the results will be much better. Once you are back in your car, roll down all the windows and turn the A/C on high until it cools off, then roll up your windows. If you feel your A/C is not working as well as it could, perhaps a car tune up in Denver would help to fix any problems you are having.

You can also receive an AAMCO free transmission check this summer if you feel a transmission repair is needed. To see what AAMCO locations are nearest you, please visit aamcocolorado.com. Because those who know, go to AAMCO!