Car-SideMirrorDriving down the road, occasionally you’ll see a vehicle that just stands out, whether it’s cool and flashy, a vintage classic, or just makes you wonder, “Wait, is that even a car?”

There are some people who take DIY car repairs and improvements to another level. Many times, they aren’t even street legal but are still chugging away next to you.

Call it a “redneck mobile” or call it clever, many of these strange heavy machinery at least warrant some impressed nods because it does take some skill and thought to create these “cars.”

The effort is definitely more than some of us care to bother with. Let’s check out some of the most ridiculous cars seen on the road.

Vans That Turned into Trucks

People buy vans so that they can seat a lot of people. People by trucks so they don’t need to seat a lot of people but can carry a lot of stuff. Well, what if you have a van and you want to carry a lot of stuff? Obviously, just chop off the top half of the back of the van! Congratulations, your van is now a truck. Surprisingly, many people are buying old vans and giving them this rugged makeover and selling them to others.

Subaru must’ve found this idea fascinating since they created the Subaru Baja from 2003-2006, which has the body of a sedan and a truck bed in the back. Due to poor marketing, it didn’t really catch on with the rest of society.

Trucks That Turned into Vans

On the opposite track, people who had trucks and decided they really wanted a van instead fused several truck cabs together. Sometimes, it looks like an interesting attempt at a Hummer or maybe their own style of limo. With a vehicle that long, it definitely looks difficult to parallel park, let alone back up.

On the plus side, they can probably take a group of 10 to 14 people camping with most of the gear piled in the back. Although, going over any rugged terrain in that thing is going to be 90% sketchy.

Trucks That Look Like Tanks

It looks like a truck, seems like a truck, but it’s way bigger and has a lot of extra parts everywhere. Of all the questionable cars on the road, you’re most likely to run into one of these. Huge trucks with monster truck tires, a built in step ladder to climb up, doors hacked off, huge lights over the cabin that will blind anybody the lights shine one, and an engine that roars like the devil.

Black smoke puffs out of the extra-large chrome pipes meant for a semi-truck. There are oh-crap handles in the truck bed for anybody crazy enough to ride in the back with a ridiculous spoiler to top it off with.

These trucks were built for the zombie apocalypse or a run-in with one of the dinosaurs at Jurassic Park.

So a Classic Car Runs Into a Motorcycle…

Inspired by rickshaws or the need to have a longer trike motorcycle, these are an interesting fusion of the front of a motorcycle and the back of a classic car. It seems that these tried to step out of the steampunk era while also giving somebody the look of a modern biker. It’s difficult to play to your nerd and hardcore personalities sometimes but this allows you to be both. Although some are homemade, there’s actually a company that produces these trikes.

Sedans Wearing Shoes That Are Too Big

There’s nothing quite like drivers who buy tires that are a little too big for their cars. You may wonder why on earth they would do that while looking around for a step stool to get in with. There’s also nothing quite like tractor tires on a 1990 Honda Civic.

In The Red Green Show above, Uncle Red explains the need to mount tractor tires on his little Civic for “aerodynamic” reasons. On the plus side, there’s no need to worry about stalling your engine when splashing through puddles, or ponds.

Everything, Including the Kitchen Sink

For some people, a house is not a home without a garage to place their car and for others, their car IS their house and home. If an RV is too big and inconvenient. Some people may convert their van into a small efficiency sticking a bed, a desk, and a shelves inside. Once in a while, somebody actually builds a small house onto their truck bed, porch included.

The benefit of this is being able to travel the country and have everything you need in one place. You also don’t have to pay property taxes or rent but we can’t imagine the car insurance or gas is cheap.

A Tractor Pulling a Shopping Cart

There’s just something about tractors that say to people, “Attach shopping carts to me, please.” So if you have a yard big enough to require a tractor and you don’t feel like spending money on gasoline for your car, just steal a shopping cart from your local grocery store and attach it to the back of the tractor for an easy, breezy, and slow ride through town when you need to pick up some milk.

Chevrolet En-V, Car or Robot?

Last but not least, a car, or a robot, or a carbot. The Chevrolet En-V, which stands for Electric Networked-Vehicle, is an electric car that looks more like an aquamobile. It’s supposed to help with traffic congestion by its small size, self-driving features, lack of emissions, and ability to detect obstacles.

GM is predicting that the population of the world will continue to increase, meaning urban areas will be more busy and polluted. Whereas tailgating is one of the primary reasons that people get into accidents, the En-V thrives on tailgating since it self-drives and auto-detects objects. It may not be in the US anytime soon but it is undergoing field testing in China.

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