Car Maintenance for Better Fuel Efficiency - AAMCO ColoradoEvery car has a factory recommended maintenance schedule that when followed, will not only keep your car in good condition and lower the amount of repairs required, but will also help your car be fuel efficient. If you take care of your vehicle and maintain it appropriately, you can save yourself money at the pump because the vehicle will get better gas mileage over time.

Car Parts to Watch and Replace

There are a few parts in your engine that are essential to check regularly and get changed out if they are old or faulty. In many cases, if these few parts are not in good condition, they can seriously lower your fuel efficiency while driving. By keeping your engine as new as possible, it will help with your gas mileage. These particular parts are the most important to get more for your money at the pump:

  1.  Oxygen Sensor: This monitors the exhaust flow and tells the computer so the car will adjust the fuel injection level.
  2. Spark Plugs: These ignite the air and fuel mix of the engine combustion chamber.
  3. Mass Air Flow Sensor: This sensor measures the air flow in the engine and tells the computer so it can regulate the fuel injection and ignition system for shifting.
  4. Air Filter: This filters the air entering the engine and can get dirty blocking the air from coming in.
  5. Tire Condition: The pressure level, alignment, and tread of each tire are important for good gas mileage.

If any of these parts start to fail, make sure to get them repaired or replaced as soon as possible because they can lead to more serious car problems.

Car Maintenance Services to Keep Up On

Most vehicles are required to pass an emissions test before registering it. It’s important to keep up on car tune up services in order to pass this test and keep the car running efficiently. If you stay on top of your car maintenance, you’ll be able to identify any repairs that are needed sooner to keep it running efficiently. By repairing these parts, every other component in the engine will work together better and keep your gas mileage higher.

When you have recommended maintenance done, there are a few services that will specifically help with fuel efficiency. One of the most important is checking your fluid levels such as your engine oil and transmission fluid. Make sure you are getting oil changes done on time and choosing the correct grade of motor oil for your car, like any Energy Conserving oils. When car maintenance is completed according to your driving maintenance schedule, it is easier to catch issues early that lead to more serious complications.

How to Drive for Better Gas Mileage

Other than completing auto maintenance regularly and on schedule, how you drive can change the fuel efficiency of your vehicle as well.  When you’re on the road, slow down because driving fast increases wind resistance pushing on your car and burns more gas. Also, when you drive slower, you won’t need to brake as often, which also burns gas faster. If you are driving up a hill, do not push your car by accelerating; this is the quickest way to burn a large amount of gasoline. If you drive a manual, make sure you are shifting up to a higher gear as soon as you because the engine will turn slower and consume less gas.

Make sure to turn the air conditioning off if it is not needed. Running the AC is hard on the engine, using up more energy. Also, when your car is in park, turn it off and do not idle so you are not burning unnecessary amounts of gas and polluting the air. As your gas level gets low, fill up asap and choose the lowest grade gasoline that your car can take. If you can use regular gas then don’t choose a premium one, because there are no added benefits to the fuel system performance and it actually causes more pollution.

When your car is due to be serviced, bring it in to the closest AAMCO Denver or AAMCO Colorado Springs location near you. Be aware of when it is time for your Factory Recommended Car Maintenance and Schedule an Appointment with us now so you are prepared!