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Car Seat Safety Tips

If there is anything you want to make sure you’ve done right, that would certainly be ensuring your child is safe during your travels. At AAMCO Colorado, we want everyone to know the things that should be done, as well as avoided, to keep your kids happy and safe. If your vehicle is in need of a check up, you should visit a Colorado auto mechanic, as the best precautions to take to protect your children is making sure your vehicle is itself safe to drive. If you feel this is needed, please visit one of our AAMCO Locations

The proper car seat that should be used depends on a few factors. Age, height, and weight all play a role in determining which type of car seat is needed and how they are used. The height and weight restrictions will all depend on the type of car seat being used, so be sure to check the owners manual for accurate details on it’s use.

For Children Under 2 Years Of Age

Without a doubt, the best potential protection for a child under two is to keep your baby in a rear-facing safety seat for as long as possible. Keep them there up until the weight and height restrictions have been met for that particular seat. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend keeping their children in rear facing seat up until their second birthday.

When you use an infant car seat, ensure it is rear-facing and inclined no more than 45 degrees. You want the child’s head to remain in contact with the seat, this is in case an accident does occur the child will not sustain whiplash. Check to make sure that the buckled harness straps are properly positioned and secured to keep the seat in place. The looser the harness, the less safe it will become. You will also want to position the straps through the slots just below your rear-facing baby’s shoulders and adjust the clip to the child’s armpit level.

Once you feel that everything is secure and in place, you will want to check to make sure that the car seat does not move more than an inch either side to side or front to back. Shake the seat to test it’s durability. The one thing you will never want to do is put a rear-facing car seat in front of an airbag. It’s good to remember no matter how old, or big, a child is always safer in the back seat.

For Children Over 2 Years Of Age

For children over the age of 2, forward-facing car seats may be considered for use. You will want to use the forward facing car seat until the harness no longer fits your child. The heaviest harnesses available for children are good up to 100 pounds. You will want to put the harnesses through the slots so that they are even or above the forward facing child’s shoulders. Certain seats have specific slots that need to be used so check the instructions to make sure you know you’re doing it right. There are many toys that are sold that can be attached to car seat and they are highly dangerous if an accident ware to occur. You’ll want to make sure that children are always wearing their seat belts and that they are correctly secured. You will have to wear a seatbelt yourself as children learn from adults, so teach them correctly.

Again, it’s critical to follow the manufacturers instructions that are provided with every car seat. Car seats also have a limited life span, which usually range no longer than 5 or 6 years. Never purchase a used car seat as you will not know what the seat has been through nor the age of it. Once a car seat has been involved in an accident, you will want to replace it to ensure it does not become faulty.

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