GAC Trumpchi GS5 2 Auto Chongqing 2012-06-07

Trumpchi GS5

Some people argue that Michael Bay’s Transformers movies are nothing but fancy product placement movies, well, Transformers: Age of Extinction is no different, especially for Chinese car company Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. The Trumpchi GS5 is an SUV made by GAC and is featured in Transformers 4.

Michael Bay first saw the Trumpchi E-Jet electric car at an auto show and asked GAC if they could feature the Trumpchi in Transformers. The company hopes that this exposure provides a good opening for selling their cars in the US market soon.

The Spread of Chinese Cars

Currently, GAC sells their Trumpchi in the Middle East, South America, and Russia. The influence of Chinese cars is expanding in such a way that Volvo is actually planning on selling Chinese built cars. This credibility and joint ventures with Toyota and Fiat may ease the consideration of Americans purchasing a Trumpchi into their minds. Part of the reason GAC is finally interested in breaking into the US market is to offset the competition lost to foreign cars in China.

Trumpchi GS5 Details

GAC says the Trumpchi is inspired by “snow leopard” and built for city fashion while embracing the wild nature of SUVs. Built from an aluminum alloy material that has a five star security design with roof anti-pressure, which meets US standards, the 4WD four-cylinder Trumpchi emphasizes safety with a few unique design changes compared to other cars.

The rear seats are designed to secure child seats and emergency brake isn’t a lever but designed like pulling a drawer desk open. In addition, there is tire pressure and tire temperature monitoring systems as well as a rearview backup camera.

Inside the vehicle, the keyless entry and push start SUV uses a “Human-Computer Integrated Electronic Control Unit” to give the driver an outline of how it is doing. There are many features on the Trumpchi that seem standard like a glove box, cup holders, glasses holder, and heated seats, but many of these they emphasize as luxurious. What may go above and beyond is the ability for each rider to customize the temperature of the area that they inhabit.

While there may be some pushback to Chinese cars sold in the US, there are plenty who are interested in the product and demand in other areas of the world have exceeded expectations with a projected sales total of 135,000 units.


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