As gas prices continue to rise, many motorists have begun to take advantage of money-saving strategies that help keep driving in the budget. Making a few small choices and changes can add up to a big difference, so read on for some gas-saving advice to consider next time you head out on the highway. And if you need a little vehicle maintenance to get back out on the road—whether it’s radiator repair or transmission repair—give AAMCO a call.

Think Before You Leave. By taking some extra time to brainstorm before you head out the door, you can shave off miles and save dollars. Group your trips by distance and function; mapping a route that hits each of your errand spots efficiently will save you significant time and gas money later on. Instead of treating errands as isolated trips, wait a little longer to get your hair cut so you can swing by the nearby grocery store as well.

You can also change the time at which you commute. If you have to make it to a high-traffic area, leaving an hour early not only can save you some time in traffic, but some money as well on gas.

Cruise or Lose. Let the car do the thinking for you—this is one of the best ways to increase your MPG. When you hit cruise control, you let your car’s computer calculate the most efficient way to drive—which means you can sit back and reap the benefits.

Human error while driving accounts for much of the inefficiencies your car is plagued with: factors like talking on your phone, anger, sadness, and even the time or day of the week affect your driving for the worse. Putting your car on cruise control eliminates these inefficiencies and replaces them with driving at a more consistent speed, accelerating more slowly, and stopping further away, which are three of the most important factors in making what’s in your gas tank count. Make this feature in your car your new best friend.

Keep Your Cool. Overheating is never good, whether for people or for cars. Make an effort to drive calm and keep your car’s temperature cool, and you’ll see the benefits in your bank statement.

Studies show that driving angry or agitated decreases your fuel economy considerably, but did you know that the colder you are in your car, the slower you go? Statistically speaking, the majority of speeding tickets are given in the summer months, when the sky is clear and the heat is rising. It’s hard to say whether this means that being physically cold is correlated with slower speeds, or other factors account for the difference. Either way, the fact remains that when you’re colder, you drive slower and more consistently—a tried-and-true recipe for saving gas.

Use these tips to keep your mileage low and your bank account happy. Visit one of our AAMCO locations for expert advice from the best Colorado mechanics in the business. Whatever Colorado auto repair you need—whether it’s a car tune-up or radiator maintenance—we’re here to help make it happen. Visit for all of your vehicle’s needs.