There are a lot of aspects to consider when you are about to purchase a diesel car. Start with this list to begin your research on purchasing the right diesel car for you.

Fuel Economy

When you choose to purchase a diesel car, then fuel economy is probably one of the major considerations that takes place in that decision. Diesel gets about 33% more fuel mileage than gasoline. This is because diesel engines get more torque than a regular engine. When a car has higher torque, it gets greater acceleration and this ultimately allows a vehicle to get better fuel economy. However, don’t forget that diesel fuel generally costs more than gasoline and the cost of a diesel car is usually more than their non-diesel counterparts. Though this last one isn’t quite related to fuel efficiency, it is important to consider before you purchase your diesel car. Not all gas stations have diesel fuel available, and that can be annoying.

Manual or Automatic Transmission?

Back in the day, diesel cars had a reputation for being useful to only those people who seek high towing capacity or perhaps a long distance cruise range. While this is still true in the sense that people seeking those benefits will still receive them, diesel car technology has improved a lot over the years, making it user friendly for the average driver.

One of the reasons why diesel cars had a unique reputation in the past was because diesel vehicles were regarded as industrial-level transportation. Industrial strength vehicles are usually best suited for manual transmissions. But things have changed. Automatic diesel transmissions are superefficient and user-friendly. The new automatic transmissions have a variety of speeds to keep your engine operating a peak power and efficiency. The beauty is that if you still want that old-school manual diesel transmission, they are also available on the market. In many ways, there is a diesel car for everyone!

Overall Engine Performance

If you ever look at diesel car and compare it to its gasoline counterpart, make sure to look at the engine performance. You will be surprised because diesel engines running on regular diesel usually has better engine performance. If you end up using bio-diesel, the odds are high that a gas version of the car will outperform the diesel one. Further, diesel engines have no spark plugs and engine distributors. Long story short, this means less maintenance than gas cars, and money in your pocket.

Do You Like A Loud Car?

This is a tough question because it’s a very personal one. Diesel cars come with stereotypes from the past. One is that is produces smoke under the hood, which is no longer the case with modern diesel cars. The other is that it is very noisy. Newer diesel cars are much quieter than the diesels of the past, but they are definitely still louder than a gas car. Some people love the roar of a diesel vehicle, while others prefer the silence of an electric car. It’s important to pick the right tunes you like on your car.

Track or Cross-Country?

Cars that run on gasoline usually come with more speed, agility, and quicker response. On the other hand, diesel cars have much more towing ability and overall strength endurance. Ultimately, what kind of driving or activities are you expecting to do with your car? This is a very important tradeoff and you should definitely add it into your thoughts before a purchase.

Brand Limitations

Not every car manufacturer produces diesel engine cars. Further, only certain cars within a brand with diesel cars will have a diesel version of specific cars. If you really like a certain car, it is more likely that there is diesel version of it. However, the good news is that there are more and more diesel engines cars getting put on the market each year. Further there are more manufacturers each year that are joining the diesel engine market.

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