Transmission Gear
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Myths About Manual Transmissions

There are a few myths concerning transmissions in regards to automatic vs. manual that have steadily been believed for a long time. However, with recent advances in automotive technology, many of these differences are no longer as true as they once were. So from here we are going to highlight a few of the more common misconceptions, and clarify why they no longer hold weight.

Automatic Vs. Manual Transmissions
For manual transmissions, you must keep the revolutions per minute (RPM) within a certain range. You also must coordinate the clutch, throttle, and gears with each other. This takes a bit of practice and skill in order to drive efficiently. Whereas with an automatic,   everything is done for you. All you have to be concerned with is the throttle. People can enjoy less stress with not having to be mindful of shifting, and also have a free leg to rest, and a hand to change music, eat, and drink. These are definite bonuses to driving an automatic. Though, those are not the myths that have been dispelled, which we will now cover.

The Mythical Benefits to Manual Transmission
Get Better Mileage – It’s believed that manual transmissions receive better gas mileage over their automatic counterparts. Years ago this would have been true, as automatics would reach high RPM and slowly shift, which would waste gas in the process.

However, nowadays automatic transmission have computer controls, dual clutches, lock-up toque converters, and an infinite number of variable speeds. This actually now can give automatics an advantage over manuals if user error occurs, automatics can now change gears seamlessly. This allows for less gas being wasted in the process.

More Control Over Your Car – A manual transmission allows the driver to employ engine breaking when needed. This is generally the case when driving on icy conditions, going downhill, or in the event that your brakes have failed you. Being able to do this is obviously useful when these events arise.

It used to be that automatics wouldn’t allow you to shift gears or stay in a certain gear when you wanted. However, newer automatic transmission allow you to manually shift, or stay in a particular gear if the need or want arises. They will even let you coast just as an automatic, which for those really trying to save on gas, will become useful when traveling downhill.

Cheaper And Easier To Repair – There is no debate on this point however. Manual transmissions are both cheaper to purchase and repair. When purchasing a new car, a manual transmission is often $1,000 less than an automatic. An automatic transmission is also more expensive to repair or rebuild, because the components that make them up are quite numerous.

One thing to note is that many automatic transmissions last for the life of the vehicle, whereas a manual transmission will require at least one, if not more, clutch replacements throughout the vehicles life. These often cost $1,000 or more, so in the end you may end up paying more for the vehicle later on.

More Fun – This is probably one of the biggest points to be made. It is more enjoyable to manually shift and have more control. It allows you to feel like a pilot or race care driver, however, not all people enjoy that thought. Many would prefer to have the extra and hand free. They would prefer less stress, and a mindless drive compared to the attention that is involved with driving a manual. Though, when it comes down to it, it’s all preference.

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