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Denver Brake Repair

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Denver Brake Repair



When your brakes are having issues, your car lets you know by a lovely high pitched screeching sound. Sometimes this can be an issue, and sometimes this is just conditional based on where you are driving.

If there is a brake maintenance issue the Denver Brake Repair experts at AAMCO Colorado can offer a free diagnosis to find the source of the screeching.

If the issues is conditional, you’ll be on your way unfortunately still with your screeching brakes. But, potentially broken brakes is never something you want to risk and find out is broken when you are driving down a hill or coming to a sudden stop.

If you have squeaky brakes, it could be as simple as driving in sandy conditions, heavy traffic, humid conditions or it could be an internal error. If it is a sandy condition or humid, the squeaky sound is created from a crystallization which is formed on the brake pads.

For a quick temporary fix, you can sand off any build up. This will not work in the long term, but for a quick fix if it is driving you insane this is a great path to take. The best solution is to have your brakes checked by the certified AAMCO Colorado Brake Repair Mechanics.

Continuing to drive on brakes that are truly damaged can cause more internal damage to your vehicle or result in total brake failure and end up costing you more in repairs.

AAMCO Denver Brake Service

Are your brakes getting more difficult to slow down with? If you have noticed over time that you are applying gradually more and more pressure to your brakes in order to slow down it could mean a few things.

If you are very sensitive to your brakes and have noticed the increase for pressure on your brakes, then the fix could be a simple brake adjustment that counters the miles driven.

If you notice a significant increase in pressure over time, the fix could be more serious and needs to be handled in a timely fashion, if this is you please schedule an appointment and let us know it is a brake emergency.

How does my parking brake play a role with my driving brakes? By using your parking brake, you allow your car to give the driving brakes a rest. This allows your driving brakes to not handle all the weight of the car constantly, and decreases your need for brake maintenance on a frequent basis.

When using a parking brake especially when parked on inclines, it works as a safety net in case your driving brakes fail. It is highly recommended that you use your parking brake. If you need any Denver Brake Repair services contact your experts at Denver AAMCO Colorado.

What is Brake Fluid and How Often do I need to Replace it? Frequently you will hear about oil changes and transmission fluids, unfortunately brake fluid is one of the most forgotten when completing a “fluid check” at Denver AAMCO Colorado we perform a total auto care check and replace the common fluids and the easily overlooked ones that keep your car running on the road.

Brake fluid is a very complicated liquid that is made to resist extreme temperatures, moisture, dryness and always remains in a liquid state. It is recommended that you replace your brake fluid when it becomes a dark color, similar to the technique you would use when checking your oil.

If you have any other questions about Denver Brake Repair please feel free to Ask our Mechanics. Trust in AAMCO Colorado, schedule an appointment today.

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