Summer Is Coming

We care about maintaining our cars because we view it as an investment into our own personal well-being. For many people, part of our overall happiness comes from our dogs. The season of travels, vacations, and road trips are upon us. We love our dogs in any type of weather, but with the summer heat about to blast us all in full force, here are our simple tips on dog safe summer travel.

1. Safe and Secure

As humans, we have a huge variety of safety features to keep us secure. However, cars are not designed for dogs and it is up to us to keep our best friends safe. Reputable      companies have worked hard to create travel safe crates for your friends.  Do your research and find a travel crate that provides safe transportation and insulation.

Some other options include dog seatbelts, which should have wide chest covers for support rather than small straps and a short strap to the seatbelt buckle so the dog can’t    fall off the seat. There are also sturdy hammock back cover seats that block the dog from falling down there in case of sudden stops.

2. Power Windows Off

While power windows help limit driving distractions, it can be an accident waiting for your dog. Your dog may accidently open a window with their paws. Many dogs are fine with open windows but there are plenty of dogs who have jumped out of a moving vehicle. Of course, if you get your dog a travel crate, you don’t have to worry about this too much.

3. Park Your Car and Not Your Dog

Whenever you park your car, make sure you let your dog out too. In the summer, a car can get hot very quickly even with the windows open. A parked car’s internal temperature can increase up to 20 degrees in 10 minutes and even more on parts of the vehicle that receives direct sunlight. Cracking your window is not enough and can kill not only dog but humans as well with heatstroke.

4. Take Breaks!

This rule is not only for your dog but yourself as well. Many people are all about efficiency and getting to their destination as fast as possible. However, it is important to take breaks not only for yourself but also Fido to stretch and use the bathroom.

5. Hydrate

Make sure to bring water for your dog and yourself. Dehydration kills.

6. Keep Your Dog’s Head in the Car

You see it all the time, a cute Lab sticking his happy face outside the car window with his tongue flopping all over the place. You have probably also seen all the random projectiles that fly past or hit your car while driving. When a dog’s head is outside of the vehicle, it is putting itself in random danger. Make sure your dog has plenty of fresh air by cracking the window open but not enough to get itself hurt.

We care about all aspects involved in your driving experience and the best experience is a safe one. Make sure you do regular maintenance and check-ups on your vehicle. Get a FREE seasonal check-up from AAMCO Colorado.

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