Andromeda Power ORCA Mobile chargerCurrent electric vehicles are made with 1-speed transmissions since they are so simple in design and don’t require much to function but companies are already developing multispeed transmissions for EVs.

The single speed EV transmissions are preferred because there’s already plenty of torque from down below that normal combustion engines need.

Even though EVs are highly energy efficient and work great in the city, drivers that leave into the suburbs and the country find that the mileage drops significantly. Away from smooth and flat roads, single speed transmissions struggle with efficiency.

Developing Multispeed EV Transmissions

Tesla built a 2-speed transmission in 2008 but locked it into 2nd gear because the ability to shift was difficult to master for EVs. Since then, ZF Powertrain Technology of Germany started their own research and development to build out a 3-4 speed EV transmission vehicle.

ZF recommends 1-speed EVs for those using the car as a commuter vehicle but if you plan on replacing your car with an EV, a 3-4 speed transmission is recommended to get a better range. A multispeed transmission allows for customizable battery packs for whatever you plan on doing.

Meeting Emissions Standards

For the longest time, transmissions barely evolved besides to get a bit stronger and faster. With the rise of EVs and a general trend towards more environmentally-friendly and wallet-friendly wants in vehicles, transmissions are taking a turn in development from simply being stronger and faster and be overall more simple and efficient.

Based on EU emission standards, BMW is working to meet the 2020 goals to comply by implementing hybrid features on their entire lineup. The European Union is requiring their vehicles to get at least 60.6 mpg.

The US also has emission standards to meet based on standards set by the Obama Administration to improve the climate economy—they are set to double fuel economy, increase security, and improve air quality for all vehicles sold in 2025.

If you’re worried about where to charge an EV, many locations across the country have public EV charging stations popping up everywhere. They can be found in many places like the parking lots of retail, grocery stores, and government buildings. Some private homes even offer charging stations.

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