Whether you’re driving across town or you’re driving across the country, there’s no need for you to leave technology behind. When you hit the road, stay in touch, stay entertained, stay safe, and enjoy your ride by taking along an assortment of gadgets to make your life easier and your trip smoother. Take security and the comforts of home with you. On every trip, be sure to take these five essential gadgets that every motorist should own:

AAMCO Colorado Automobile GadgetsPortable USB Charger

Make sure that your electronic gadgets are fully-charged and available for use at all times by connecting them to a USB charger plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter. Choose a charger with multiple ports so you can power up several devices at once. You need to be sure that your mobile phone is charged and ready to go in an emergency, and of course, you need your phone for staying connected with friends. If you’re travelling with the family, keep the kids’ mp3 players and game consoles charged and fully functional. This will certainly make for a more enjoyable trip for everyone.

Tire Repair Kit

Don’t let a tire mishap completely deflate your plans. With a tire repair kit, you can quickly mend your tire and get back on the road. Even though your USB charger will have your phone charged and ready to make a call for roadside assistance, you’ll be much happier if you can continue on your trip instead of waiting, waiting, and waiting at the side of the road for help to arrive.

Car Microwave

Is it essential? Taking your kitchen along with you is such a crazy idea that this must be an essential, albeit a very novel and fun essential. Hungry people trapped together in a car can be grumpy, and grumpy people are not fun. If you’re too far away from a restaurant, or if you don’t want to stop and find a restaurant, plug the microwave into the cigarette lighter, and heat up some munchies. In the same category, sandwich-toasters and espresso makers are also available for car use. Feed everyone, keep everyone happy, and don’t let anything interfere with the perfect road trip.

GPS Device

Know where you are, and know where you’re going. Customize your route, change your route on-the-fly if you see an unexpected interesting attraction, and feel free to explore without worrying about getting lost. Let your GPS unit be a helpful guide for your road adventures.

Bluetooth Headset

Research has proven that distracted driving is a cause of accidents, so do your part for road safety, invest in a Bluetooth headset, and use your electronics responsibly. A wireless headset gives you hands-free access to your phone so you can chat on your mobile while continuing to focus your attention on the road.

One more gadget is worth mentioning. Although not necessarily an essential gadget, a dashboard camera can be a lot of fun. You can record your trip from your windscreen’s point-of-view and enjoy an adventure-style play-back of all the interesting things you couldn’t see because you were busy driving. A dashboard camera can also be a very useful device if it happens to record any information that might be pertinent to an insurance claim, such as the licence plates of the car that cut you up at high speed causing you to crash! Take your gadgets with you, and take to the road in confidence. One more thing – when your car is parked, make sure that your alarm system is armed and your gadgets are out of sight. Thieves are just as enthusiastic as you are regarding your fabulous motoring gadgets!

This post was written by Nick Davison form GB Showplates, the UK’s leading Showplate and road legal number plate specialist. For more information on car maintenance and helpful car audio installation guides, check out our blog.

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