Fall Mountain Driving in ColoradoEarly October is the perfect time for driving in the mountains in Colorado. The Aspens are changing color, and the weather and driving conditions are ideal. Before you head up to check out the foliage, make sure your vehicle is ready for driving on mountain roads. Here are some guidelines for driving on Rocky Mountain roads this fall.

Make sure your brakes are in excellent condition

This is the most important thing you can do before driving in the mountains. Because of the steep declines, sudden turns, and changes in speed required, mountain driving can be extremely hazardous to drivers who’s brakes are in poor condition. If necessary, bring your car to a Colorado brake repair expert first. View here to find an AAMCO brake repair location near you.

Pay attention to the road!

Mountain roads are winding and treacherous, and demand your full attention. Avoid using the radio, and turn off cell phones, laptops, and other distracting devices and simply enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Make sure that your transmission is in excellent condition

When descending on steep mountain roads it is critical to shift your automatic transmission into a lower gear or second gear, to avoid riding your brakes down the mountain and wearing out your brake pads and shoes (never drop your transmission gear at a high speed). A well-maintained, well-functioning transmission is critical for mountain driving in Colorado. View here to find an AAMCO transmission repair location near you.

Pay attention to the weather!

Although fall weather conditions are generally good, the weather in the mountains of Colorado can change rapidly at any time. Make sure you are prepared for inclement weather, including packing tire chains and warm clothing. Also, winter driving conditions in the Colorado mountains can be extremely dangerous. Be prepared to slow down and be cautious when coming around sharp turns and down inclines.

Watch your fuel level

Gas stations in the mountains are more scarce than in the Front Range, particularly in sparsely populated areas and away from main roads. Also, your vehicle will consume more fuel driving on rising and falling mountain roads than in the flat lands. Be sure to plan accordingly.

Fall is beautiful in Colorado, and by taking a few precautions while driving, and before you leave, you can explore the scenery happily, and safely, this fall.