AAMCO Travel Trailer

There are many people who would like to travel around this summer, but between the cost of hotels and eating out, it’s likely to break many a budget. You may assume then that you can camp out, which is possible, but you cant just pitch a tent wherever. There are laws in place which prohibit people from camping while in city limits. There are designated areas where you are allowed to camp, but often they are outside of town which make visiting the area much more difficult. A solution to this problem may well be a travel trailer. The upfront cost will exceed the the usual price of a traveling vacation, but it may well pay itself off in only a few trips depending on the destination and length of time you intend on being away.

Now before purchasing a travel trailer, you want to make sure that the load and towing capacity of your vehicle will not be exceeded or that it has the power to not fail you later on. It is also important on older vehicles to take it to an auto repair shop for an auto tune up. You want to make sure your workhorse is both well fed and taken care of if you intend to have it working hard for you. An auto mechanic should also be able to let you know whether your vehicle is up to the challenge of hauling a trailer long distances. Depending on the vehicle, a smaller trailer may be needed but there are great options in every size.

The two base categories to trailers are recreational vehicles, and mobile homes. Mobile homes are not meant to be on the road endlessly, which is why we find mobile home parks. The effort put forth to move a mobile home is also much greater than that of its counterparts. Large commercial vehicles are needed to move mobile homes, so once they get to where they need to be, they often do not move for many years. On the other hand, there are multiple types of recreational vehicles. Seemingly one that would suit any persons needs.

There are essentially 5 categories which recreational vehicles can be broken down into; Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheel Trailers, Off-Road Trailers, Toy Haulers, and Double Decker Trailers.

Travel Trailers entail what would normally be a conventional trailer. They are moderately sized, and can include a wide array of conveniences such as toilets, electricity, running water, and heat. They can either be collapsable, or structurally rigid.

Fifth Wheel Trailers are supported by a hitch in the center of the bed of a truck rather than one at the back of a vehicle. This means only trucks with a bed can transport them, and they usually have all the amenities of a travel trailer plus a few perks.

Off-Road Trailers are just as the name implies, they are trailers designed to go off road. Usually light in weight, maneuverable, and have skid plates, lift kits and large tires.

Toy Haulers are also just as the name implies, part camper, and part hauler. There is a portion devoted to the sleeping quarters, and another portion devoted to the storage of any number of toys you wish to bring along with you.

Finally, Double Decker Trailers are the mother of all comfort driven trailers. They have two stories when stationary and the second floor collapses when in motion. They are filled with anything you would hope to have, bathrooms, kitchens, living quarters, bed rooms. Essentially anything can be packed into this behemoth.


The biggest difference between trailers and motorized RVs is that you can drop the trailer off, and drive the truck around. Where as a motorized RV, you are forced to break camp. Also if you are in town, motorized RVs can be a pain to maneuver around. If you are considering traveling this summer, consider purchasing a travel trailer. They certainly make the spirit of adventure easier to follow, especially when you never have to leave home as it’s following right behind you.

Before setting out, be sure that your vehicle is able to get you to where you want to go. Visiting one of numerous AAMCO Locations to have your vehicle checked up is strong advised. Whether you need an oil change, break repair, or a transmission repair, the experienced mechanics at AAMCO will ensure your vehicle is safe to hit the road.

Because those that know, go to AAMCO!