Google Glass user at the Wikimania 2014 openingGoogle Glass is available to the public and anyone with a pair can get real time information while surfing the web right in the lenses but as convenient as this is, it’s also a distraction.

There are eight states that are proposing bills to ban wearable or head-mounted computers, aka Google Glass. These states are Missouri, Delaware, New York, Illinois, Maryland, Wyoming, New Jersey, and West Virginia.

Is Banning Google Glass Enforceable?

Banning people from wearing Google Glass as they drive may be difficult to enforce as they look like regular sunglasses with an extra small piece. Currently, most states make texting-while-driving illegal and advocate for hands-free devices.

Since Google Glass is technically hands-free and look like sunglasses or regular glasses, it is difficult to truly identify at a glance whether someone is actually using Google Glass as they are driving or whether they are just using the prescription lenses or the sunglass aspects. In this case, some states are forbidding anybody even wearing head-mounted computers while they drive for any reason.

Bars, strip clubs, movie theaters, and casinos are already banning Google Glass from their establishments for privacy, copyrights, and cheating ways. Rather than distracting wearers in these locations, it is arguable that they would pay more attention to what is going on in order to record what’s happening and gain information.

Driving With Awareness

People worry about Google Glass lowering awareness while driving but Google argues that they are meant to connect people more with the world around them. If people are driving the way they are taught, to always keep their eyes on the road and check all the mirrors frequently while driving politely and within the speed limits, then they should be safe drivers.

It would certainly be possible to do this with Google glass if it’s being used for the GPS, which would probably be safer than looking down at a GPS or phone to see the map or directions.

However, the possibility of drivers watching TV or reading an article with Google Glass is very real and very distracting.

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