Recharging unitDriving an electric car or hybrid vehicle is supposed to save you money on gas and maintenance but there is still upkeep that you need stay on top of. The big driver for most people to buy an electric car is to lift their dependency on fossil fuels and be more eco-friendly.

With EVs, drivers definitely don’t have to worry about oil changes 2-4 times a year, replacing the timing belt or head gasket. Basically, maintaining anything to do with the internal combustion engine.

Maintenance for Electric Cars

Like many batteries, the reality of a battery-powered car is that the range of the battery diminishes over time. This means that the battery needs replacing here and there.

The average manufacture battery warranty is 100,000 miles or eight years though so it isn’t too often. The cost of a new EV battery can be in the thousands but as battery technology improves with demand, it may drop in the future.

Charging EV Batteries

Charging stations are popping up everywhere across the US and there are three ways to get your power: pay-as-you-go, monthly subscriptions, and getting it free from somewhere. There are just as many, if not more, electric charging station companies out there, all with their own price plans and costs.

Many people end up wanting to install a home charging equipment at their house and this can cost anywhere from $500-$1,500. Oddly, the smaller the chargers, the more they cost than if you use a faster charger. At home, utility companies often charge more if you use electricity during peak hours.

Whether from your home or from a charging station, the cost for kWh varies across the US but luckily stays more consistent than pumping gasoline.

Actual Maintenance Needed

Just like other cars, you will need to maintain the tires on EVs like getting tire rotations and getting the batteries tested. The brake fluid needs changing and brake pads replaced, though not as often as with a gas-powered vehicle.

There is also insurance—depending on which company you have and where you’re at, there is the potential for higher insurance rates since EV’s are still new and the technology is unproven. Any collisions that occur may be higher as well since there are fragile battery packs placed around the car itself.

In the end, if you’re interested in owning an electric vehicle, the benefits of having one are likely to outweigh the maintenance costs but it’s good to have a realistic idea of what you still need to do for upkeep.

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