Congrats! Your Car Has Mileage Over 100,000 MilesAAMCO Colorado Car Maintenance Resolutions & Transmission Repair

To get your vehicle to reach mileage over 100,000 miles means that you have kept up with basic maintenance on it. However, as your car gets older and covers more distance, it is important to be more diligent in your maintenance. With awesome upkeep, your vehicle doubles, and potentially triples, its mileage.

Oil Change More Frequently

When your car was newer, it could get away with an oil change every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, but now, you need to do it more often. The factory recommended oil change after every 3,000 miles is definitely recommended to keep your engine safe. With your oil change every 3,000 miles, add some fuel injector cleaner to clean up your engine from gunk stuck inside the engine. High mileage car maintenance is different because your car has been through a lot. Make sure your car is able to face the road with a healthy engine.

Time To Get A New Belt

A timing belt is crucial to running your car. It controls the intake of air and release of exhaust in your car engine. Without the timing belt working properly, the engine valves will not open and close efficiently, which lowers your car’s efficiency and ultimately, your car will break down. You only need a new timing belt every 80,000 to 100,000 miles so if you have reached 100,000 miles on your car without a new timing belt, it is now time to do so.

Six Month Checkup

After your car hits 100,000 miles, you need to check your power steering fluid levels and if you want your vehicle to retain its paint and keep it free of rust, get it waxed.

How Old Are Your Tires?

First, make sure that your tires still have good tread and if it does not, get new tires. Also, remember that tires do not all wear down equally. The front tires have more weight, which gets them more worn down over time. This is why you need to rotate your tires every 10,000 miles. When your tires are rotated, they get more even use over time, which maximizes the life of your tires.

Rubber Stretches and Metal Rusts

Your car has various belts and hoses in it that keeps it working. Unfortunately, these parts are built out of rubber, which will stretch over time and can also melt. Many parts on a car are also held together with metal clamps and these will rust over time. Keeping these parts updated is crucial for high mileage car maintenance.

Always Inspect Your Car

Whenever you take your car in, ask your mechanic to inspect your brakes, hoses, belts, and fluids. The most expensive replacement parts in your car is your transmission and its engine. You need to make sure the most crucial parts of your vehicle lasts. At a certain point, the cost to replace a transmission or engine might be very close to the value of your vehicle. Therefore, it is within your best interest to inspect your car often and to replace the cheaper parts like an air filter to ensure the longevity of your transmission and engine running reliably for as long as possible.


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