Preparing for Winter Driving It’s very simple to just drive along and expect your car to drive you from A-B without issue and never think twice about it. However, cars need a little handiwork and some love now and again and this is most especially the case in the winter time. So, we’ve compiled a number of pre-winter checks to ensure you lower the incidence of a break down.


Check the oil levels and the oil filter to ensure the oil is at the specified level and that the filter is clean. This ensures your engine stays efficient in cold weather and greatly improves the chance of it beating cold and frosts.


Antifreeze is a must for the winter weather and you certainly need to check your auto to ensure that there is enough in the engine and that it’s mixed properly. A half and half mix of antifreeze to distilled water is perfect and will help your car’s radiator from freezing up in sub-zero temperatures.


Road conditions suffer during winter and if your car tyres are not up to the right level, so will your car. Check that there are sufficient threads on tyres and that they are correctly inflated to the recommended PSI. This will be printed on the tyre. Tyres with threads and correctly inflated will greatly limit problems with traction.


Car batteries tend to work a lot harder in the winter due to the increased need for power for lighting and heat. In addition, they also take longer to charge because of the colder weather. At Alpha Batteries we’d suggest that you check the battery and ensure that it’s up to scratch or you could end up stranded.

Belts and Hoses

These also need to be checked as the cold weather can cause all sorts of wear issues for them.

Air Filters

The cabin air filter should be replaced. Otherwise you will turn on the heat during the bad weather and all the contaminants that have built up during the year will be sucked into the innards of the car and this can cause potential issues.


Apply a coat of wax to the car or get it valeted inside and out to prepare it for the colder, harsher weather.


Your windows really need car in the winter and two parts stand out significantly. Ensure that if you have a crack in your window screen that it is treated before the frosty weather rolls in. This little nick will most likely turn into a full blown crack if the frost comes before it is treated. It’s a lot cheaper to treat a nick than replace a screen. In addition, make sure to replace window wipers as if these are left they won’t tend to work properly and can cause smearing.


Check car’s lighting, bulbs and headlights among others to ensure they are working properly. You may need these for longer periods of time due to darker, duller days and longer nights.


You want to be able to take care of an emergency and so you will need to keep a flashlight, first aid kit, flares and charged phone in your car in case of issues.

These ten tips will prevent issues with your car during the winter and greatly limit the chance of breakdown and accidents.

The author of this piece is Mark Ryan. He is a lover of autos and driving and has owned cars for decades now. He loves old cars and tinkering with classics.

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