AAMCO Ensuring Your Car Is Ready For The RoadIt is vitally important for you to ensure that your car is roadworthy, which means that you should check that all of your car parts are in working order.  You could bring your car to a service garage, but you could also service some parts yourself.  Things like your light bulbs, mirrors, windows and brake pads are all easily checked, so take half an hour to ensure that your car is safe and roadworthy.  Before driving on any road, it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure their car is safe and everything is in working order.


The electric system in your car controls, well, everything electrical.  These include car lamps, window wipers, battery etc.  If your electrics fail, it is generally quite a big job to fix so it’s best to keep on top of them by getting either yourself or a mechanic to service the parts.  Online car parts are a good, cheap option for when you want to replace bit yourself, such as the wipers and bulbs.


First and most obvious, the light bulbs in your car lights should be working properly.  Both of the lights should be of the same brightness; an easy way to do this is to buy new light bulbs at the same time, to ensure each gets equal wear.  Ensure that each car lamp is focused in the proper direction i.e. straight ahead.  There should be no cracks in the headlights and if there are they should be replaced.


Ensure that all body parts of your car are fixed on properly, free of any sharp edges and rust.  The last thing you want to happen as you drive 80mp/h down the motorway is for your wing mirror to fly off and hit another car.  Generally not a problem with newer cars, some older cars may have loose fittings.  If this is the case on your car, time to invest in some new car parts! Or a new car.


Tyres are important to check every couple of months, if not weeks.  This is because tyres can easily become bald, which means they begin to lose grip and can’t hold the road very well.  This is especially dangerous in wet conditions and when going round bends, as there’s nothing to hold the car to the road and you can simply slide off.  Never replace only one tyre either; treat the back tyres as one set and the front tyres as another.  This means if you’re going to change one back tyre, change the other as well so they both get even wear.


If you begin to here squeaking upon braking, it’s a sign that you should change your brake pads.  The squeaking sound means that the brake pad has worn away so there’s literally nothing to stop the car.  Brakes go hand in hand with tyres, because without good tyres, there’s no grip on the road when you try to brake.  That’s why it is incredibly important to keep both in top notch condition.

At AAMCO Colorado, we want to make sure every driver on the road is safe and can get to where they need to be.  If you live in  Colorado, and need a Transmission ServiceRadiator RepairBrake Repair,  or any other Auto Repair, please contact your local AAMCO Colorado Location to schedule an appointment.