Best Practices For Maintaining Your RV

An RV is a great investment for those who have families and wish to travel on their own across the country. It’s also a perfect way to head off to your favorite campgrounds without having to always rent an RV or cabin for your trip. Avid travelers love the autonomy they get with an RV, as they’re able to bring a little bit of home on the road with them whenever they please, without having to worry about renting a car, booking a hotel, or taking a flight. With a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom all in one place, the entire family can go away on extended vacations without feeling hindered at all and without needing to waste any time stopping at hotels to rest overnight during really long journeys.

But when you’re not using your RV, you have to make sure that it’s properly maintained so that it will work properly the next time you need it. If you aren’t sure how to go about maintaining this type of vehicle, continue reading for some basic tips.

Store It in a Protected Area

Storing Your RV

Like any other vehicle, you want to protect your RV from the elements, especially if you’ll be storing it away for long periods of time between use. Portable garages and other shelters can work wonders to protect your RV from all types of weather conditions throughout the seasons. If you don’t have this type of shelter available, it’s important to get one, as it will ensure that your RV will remain in peak condition both inside and out.

Clean It Out Before Storing It

Best Ways To Maintain An RV
Before storing your RV for a long period of time, give it a good wash to remove any external debris that accumulated on the paint during your trip. Also make sure to clean out the interior of the vehicle, including the bathroom and kitchen, if you have them. These are places where you definitely want to disinfect in order to be able to start up your RV for your next trip without needing to worry about cleaning it and wasting time before you leave.

Maintain the Internal Compartments

Keeping Your RV Maintained

Properly maintaining the inner workings of your RV will also ensure that it’ll be ready to go whenever you need it, so don’t neglect basic mechanical repairs and other maintenance tasks, such as keeping the tires full and making sure the brakes are strong.

For example, make sure your water heater is always full of water, and also be sure to check the exterior water heater vent and burner for anything that may have gotten caught, such as debris, bugs, and nests. Again, keeping your RV properly stored can prevent these problems.

Also be sure to check the battery life and recharge your battery if necessary. You should do this regularly to make sure the battery isn’t draining and to be certain that it’s in peak condition.

Maintaining your RV when it isn’t in use is just as important as when it’s in use. From the battery and water heater to the exterior appearance of the vehicle, basic maintenance is required to keep it running smoothly.

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