Summer is just around the corner, so the warm weather will be starting up again. Considering we are at the end of winter, you may not have checked that your air conditioner is still working as well as it was last summer. Unlike many car shops, we offer the Best Nationwide Warranty on all of our work, so rest assured that we will get your broken AC back in order sooner than later. With that in mind, there are a few things you can take a look at to determine the condition of your air conditioner.
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No airflow or hot air is blowing.

This first sign may seem pretty obvious, but it is important to mention nonetheless. If your car is running but your air is not – or it is blowing hot air – you may have an issue with your HVAC system. But, it could be something as simple as being out of refrigerant, a damaged cooling fan, or a clogged AC vent. A quick trip to your preferred AAMCO location can get this issue diagnosed.

Water stains inside of your vehicle.

It is normal for your vehicle to have water drain from the undercarriage while running your air conditioner in the summer months. This condensation is expected and nothing to worry about. However, if you don’t notice water on the ground, but are getting water stains in your car, particularly under the dashboard or on the front floorboards, you should have your car looked at by a professional. Sometimes, the drain on the bottom of your car may get clogged causing the water to back up into the automobile, but without proper diagnosis, the issue will only worsen.

Weird noises when turning on AC unit.

Are you hearing rattling, banging, or worse when you turn on your air conditioner? This could be an indication of a few issues. It could be a simple problem like debris, leaves or dirt, clogging the unit, or it could mean that a major part is worn out and about to break. Any new, strange sounds coming from your vehicle should always be looked at to prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Nasty smell when I turn on the AC.

Turning on your AC should not be a gross, unpleasant experience. If you’re turning on the AC and immediately being greeted by a foul, putrid odor, you may be inhaling more than the smell. A bad odor coming from your vents could mean that you have mold growth in your air conditioner unit, and this should absolutely be looked into right away. Since mold can lead to respiratory issues, this is one warning sign you should not ignore.

Small leaks, including coolant leaks.

Low pressure in your AC unit, or noticing coolant on the ground, can mean that you have a leak. A majority of leaks are small and rather difficult to notice, so it isn’t uncommon for them to go unnoticed for long periods of time. These smalls leaks can develop into larger problems later down the road, so addressing them earlier is best.

If you think your vehicle is experiencing issues with the air conditioner system, Schedule your Appointment with us today. Air Conditioning repair doesn’t have to be stressful when you trust your local AAMCO mechanics!