AAMCO Car Tune Up

If you’ve been driving long enough, chances are you’ve been pulled over. At times we know why, while other times its a mystery until the cop explains the reason. There are a few vehicle repairs which can be made that can help to prevent those unknown reason for being pulled over. This is obviously only possible if you are aware of the problems before departure, so to help with this, here is a few things to ensure you check before hitting the road.

Night driving creates certain dangers that are not prevalent during the day due to a decrease in visibility. This obviously means that every driver on the road should have a properly illuminated path in front of them. Check to make sure your vehicles headlights are properly functioning, if you start to drive at night, a single headlight may be out and you may not notice. Check this before departing, if a cop notices the malfunction before you do, it may result in a ticket being issued.

Tail lights are also another area of the car which are difficult to notice if a malfunction is occurring. It is dangerous because if there are no visual clues that you are slowing down, it is very likely that you will be rear-ended at some point. It is also hard to notice as you have to be pressing the break to see them, which you cannot do as you check the back of the vehicle. Ask a friend or someone near by if they can check it for you. Even proper vehicle maintenance cannot ensure a malfunction will not occur, you just have to be continually aware.

The final precaution to be aware of for your vehicles lights are those that illuminate your license plate. This does not create any certain hazard on the road, but it does definitely up your chances of drawing the attention of the police. The reason for the lights is so that they can make out the letters on your license plate, this is also the reason you may be pulled over if your plate is dirty or obscured. So if there was ever a reason to clean off the dust accumulating on your car, this may be one.

Certain car repairs are necessary and not solely visual fixes…excuse the pun. If your review mirrors are missing or are obviously unusable, this may create certain dangers when attempting to switch lanes or merge. This is especially true for large trucks as the blindspots for them are numerous.

A common reason you may be noticed by police while driving is if your windshield is cracked across where it may impair your vision. Rightly so, you cannot drive safely if you are unable to see everything on the road. There are numerous auto services which can repair chipped windshields before they turn into cracks. But once the crack begins, the windshield has to be replaced.

Every driver has been behind a large truck or vehicle when it revs up and emits an obscene amount of smoke from the exhaust. This can be due to various reasons, but it can also cause dangers for other drivers. It’s as if a smoke screen has been dropped and may impair the vision of the drivers behind said truck. Beside the danger to driving, there are also certain dangers to our environment created, which is why we have emission control centers to test and ensure vehicles dont surpass certain levels. Some vehicles may need a vehicle tune up to reduce their emissions.

If any of these problems have occurred or are present for you, and you are in need of repairs, please visit your local AAMCO dealer. They will be able to help you ensure your vehicle is safe for travel. Because those who know…. go to AAMCO!