Oil Change Service - AAMCO ColoradoGetting your motor oil changed in your car’s engine is an important part of your factory recommended maintenance schedule. Not only do you need to keep up on checking the fluid level of the oil, but getting a complete oil change service on time at a trusted auto mechanic location. Motor oil keeps your engine running good by cooling, cleaning and protecting it.

Oil Change Service Recommendation

Once you have checked your car maintenance schedule, you will know how often you need to get an oil change service done. The frequency for oil changes varies dependent on a few things, such as the type of vehicle. Typically, the recommendation for an oil change is every three months and no longer than a year, or every 3,000 to 7,500 miles.

The best way to judge which is right for you is based off your driving habits. If you are considered a severe driver, you will need to change oil more often and follow the severe driving maintenance schedule. A car oil change service consists of adding up to 5 quarts of oil, a new oil filter and lubricating all grease fittings in the engine. Make sure to choose the right oil for your car; the ‘W’ in the name of each type stands for Winter and the numbers are the temperatures the oil will protect your engine at.

Choices for Conventional Motor Oil

Some oil types that you can choose from are called conventional oils, which are typically lower in quality, but also less expensive. There are levels of quality for each one of these motor oils and you need to make the right decision based off the type of vehicle you are driving. If it is an older car with a lot of miles, chances are you will not need a higher quality oil and conventional will work fine.

Each conventional oil requires you to change it out more frequently. The lowest level of oil is called 5W-30 Motor Oil. For this oil, it can protect at an average low temperature of below 0 degrees. It also helps your car start up in the cold, gives better fuel economy, and reaches engine components quickly. The next level up is 10W-30 Motor Oil, which protects at an average temperature of above 0 degrees. This oil is good for year round driving, but can break down quicker. Last, is 20W-50 Motor Oil, which protects at an average low exceeding 20 degrees. This oil provides better protection at high temps, but can be too thick for colder weather.

Types of Synthetic Motor Oil

Synthetic oils are the other type of oil you can choose from. These tend to be a little more expensive depending on the brand, but are of higher quality. Using synthetic engine oil also requires less frequent oil change services over time. There are two types of synthetic’s including pure synthetic and oil that is a blend synthetic.

The lower quality of the two is the Synthetic Blend Motor Oil. It is called a blend because it contains fluid additives blended with conventional oil. This type of engine oil provides better car performance in hot and cold temperatures, has less viscosity breakdown over time, and good for vehicle’s with over 75,000 driving miles on them. The second choice of systematic is a pure Synthetic Motor Oil. This oil gives the same advantages as most blend synthetic’s, but is a better choice for newer and high performance vehicles. Pure synthetic tends to be the most expensive choice, but may be the right choice for your type of car.

When your car’s factory recommended maintenance tells you it’s time for a full Oil Change Service, visit the local AAMCO Denver or AAMCO Colorado Springs auto repair shop near you today, or Schedule an Appointment now before it’s time to complete your oil change.