Learning how to change a tire is a crucial lesson to learn for all drivers. Many drivers curse the random nails in the road or the curb checks that ends up blowing out or deflating the tire. Life happens but you don’t have to let changing a tire be a large obstacle in your day. You can learn how to change a car tire off the rim at home easily.

Step 1: You Always Assess the Situation

How to Change a Tire - AAMCO Colorado

If you get a flat on the road, make sure to pull off onto a safe part of the road, onto a quiet street or in a parking lot where you can get out and check your tire. Make sure you are on a flat surface and not a hill. Once you put the car in park, put on the emergency brake (you’ll need this later when you jack up the car) and turn on the emergency lights.
If there are any heavy objects around, such as a rock or concrete block, place one in front of the front tire and one behind the back tire to stabilize in case the car rolls.

Step 2: Prepare Your Equipment

How to Change a Tire - AAMCO Colorado

Take out your spare tire, jack, and lug wrench. Place the jack under the metal part of the frame of the car next to the tire you’ll be replacing. Usually, there is a small notch where the jack goes. Raise the jack up until it is supporting the car but not lifting it.

Step 3: Loosen the Lug Nuts

How to Change a Tire - AAMCO Colorado

With gravity on your side, loosen the lug nuts while the car is on the ground to make it easier for removal when the car is jacked up. First, place the lug wrench on a lug nut. Second, stand on the wrench handle that is parallel to the tire going counter clockwise and use your weight to loosen it up but don’t turn it more than that. Stomp on it if you need to. Continue to loosen all the lug nuts in a crisscross pattern across the rim in order to keep the tire balanced on the car.

Step 4: Jack Up the Car

How to Change a Tire - AAMCO Colorado

Crank the jack so it lifts up the car. Make sure it’s high enough to remove the flat tire. The car should be moving straight up, if not, stop, lower the jack and readjust.

Step 5: Remove Lug Nuts

How to Change a Tire - AAMCO Colorado

Now remove all the lug nuts in a crisscross pattern and set them aside. Carefully remove the tire and set it underneath the body of the car. If the jack gives out for any reason, the tire will help prevent the car from slamming into the ground. If the tire is stuck, hit it with a rubber mallet or kick it a little to loosen it.

Step 6: Put on the Spare Tire

How to Change a Tire - AAMCO Colorado

Grab the spare tire and mount it on the hub. Then align the tire with the bolts and put the lug nuts back in. Again, tighten the lug nuts in a crisscross pattern with your hands. Then go back over them with the lug wrench in a crisscross too to keep the tire balanced. For those of you with super power strength, take it easy here as to avoid rocking the car off the jack. You’ll be tightening it again with the car on the ground.

Step 7: Lower the Car

How to Change a Tire - AAMCO Colorado

Rotate the jack and lower the car onto the ground. Give the lug nuts one more go and place the flat tire and tools back into your car.

Step 8: Head to the Mechanic

How to Change a Tire - AAMCO Colorado

Drive your car over to the mechanic where they can inspect your tire for damages. They may be able to fix the puncture and if not, will advise you to purchase a replacement tire. If you do buy a new one, relax, they will put it on for you.

Congratulations! Now that you know how to change a tire, you can rest easy knowing that if a situation occurs, you’ll be able to change a flat tire on your own.

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