Rainy Windshield Wiper - Transmission Repair - Auto Repair - AAMCO ColoradoWith the colder weather and daylight savings, many people are faced with driving home in the dark and often with snow, rain, mud, dirt, and wind.

Decrease your likelihood of getting an accident due to low visibility by improving the visibility from your car.

The two things on your car that are often neglected yet vital to driving safely are the windshield wipers and the exterior lights.

There are many simple things you can do to make sure these two things are up to snuff so you visibility is the least of your worries when driving around in the winter.

Windshield Wiper Maintenance

Many people use their windshield wipers on a regular basis; the more you use them, the faster they deteriorate. Replace the wiper blades when it starts to get streaky when you use them. Increase their lifespan by scraping the windows of snow and ice thoroughly before using them.

Wiper blades are not meant to push off snow or ice that’s been sitting for a long time as they harden and this also can damage the motors at the base of the wipers. They also get damaged by heat and road salt. If you have a back wiper, be sure to replace that as well when it gets streaky or the arm breaks.

In addition, use windshield wiper fluid that is rated to cold temperatures so it can help prevent ice buildup too.

Car Lights Maintenance

The car lights play such a big role in visibility so they are very important to check on. At the very least, inspect your lights every time you have an oil change. The lights not only let you see the road, but it lets other people see you and when you are braking or turning.

Headlights don’t burn out after a consistent time. It depends on the car make and model and how much condensation and moisture builds up. Keep the lights clean by wiping them off not just of snow but dirt and mud so people can see them.

When you clean off your lights, check to see if one or both headlights look dim. Also, check to see if the headlights are properly aimed for the best visibility. As for the turn signals, you can test them and walk around your car to see if they are working. If you are inside your car and the signal seems to be blinking faster than usual, it is an indicator that the bulb is about to go out.

In general when you are driving and the sun is setting or completely set, make sure your lights are turned on, even if you think they are. Many people will drive around without them on because the street lights make it look like their lights are on. On the other hand, don’t use your brights in the city since they blind other drivers and can cause an accident.

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