My Car’s Air Conditioning Doesn’t Work

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Common Car Air Conditioning Problems

Get an AAMCO Colorado Air Conditioning Check Up

Come in to one of our locally owned and operated AAMCO Colorado locations for your free AC check up. We’ll inspect hoses, lines, seals and other components for leaks, take temperature readings, make sure your compressor is working properly, and check the drive belt for damage. Depending on the problem, your vehicle need further maintenance, such as installing a new compressor or repairing your air conditioning belt drives, or you might just need a recharge of your refrigerant. Learn more about our full air conditioning services.

Don’t wait until the hottest day of the year to find out your air conditioning doesn’t work.

Most people only think about air conditioning in the hot summer months. dog carWhen winter ends and the weather warms up, a car’s AC might be turned on for the first time in months. You should run your AC a few times throughout the winter, just to make sure it’s working and keep all relevant parts in operational readiness. It’s easy to forget about air conditioning when it’s cold outside, but don’t get caught in the summer with an air conditioning system that doesn’t keep you cool or smells funky.

If it’s blowing hot air…

When your AC is blowing hot air, a number of things could be wrong, including a loose or broken drive belt, a slipping compressor clutch, or faulty or clogged expansion valve. It might be a completely failed compressor or something as simple as a blown fuse. It could also mean there is a leak in one of the air conditioning system lines, hoses, or seals.

The only time the AC would legitimately blow hot air, and not be evidence of a problem, is if you run it in the wintertime with the heat on in order to defog the interior of your car. This serves to dehumidify the cabin, which helps to quickly clear fog from the windows.

If it’s blowing a little cool air…

When your AC is blowing a slight amount of cool air, it could mean a few different things. A low refrigerant charge, loose drive belt, slipping compressor clutch, clogged condenser or evaporator, a slow leak in the system, or a partially clogged filter or expansion valve could all be the culprit.

If the air conditioning smells funny…

If you turn on the air conditioning and you get nice, cool air, but a smell that just doesn’t seem right, it’s an indicator of mold growth, a clogged filter or vent, or maybe a dead mouse or other creature that crawled into the warm engine compartment during the cold winter. In any case, it’s a good idea to have the AC system inspected, because what’s in the air ends up in your lungs, and could cause health problems. Plus, you don’t want that odor possibly ruining the interior permanently, especially if you want to resell it or trade it in – no one wants to buy a used car that stinks.

If the air conditioning is making strange noises…

A car’s air conditioning is a pretty quiet system. It shouldn’t make a lot of noise or cause your car to drive differently. If you notice sounds like squealing, rattling and vibrating, or even a clunk whenever you run your AC, you should turn it off and not use it until you can get to a mechanic to have it checked out. These sounds and sensations indicate potential problems with the AC clutch or the compressor. If the air conditioning is making strange sounds during operation, or not working as well as it should, that’s a sign of trouble. Using the air conditioner while it’s not working properly could cause further damage and cost you more money.

AAMCO Colorado Air Conditioning Check Up and Services

Get your coupon for a FREE air conditioning check up and schedule an appointment with your locally owned and operated Colorado AAMCO center today. Whatever the problem is, we’ll find it and recommend what needs to be done to get you back on the road, running cool and safe.

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My Car's Air Conditioning Doesn't Work
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