If you’re like everyone else, you’ve walked out of the store or wandered away downtown only to forget where you parked your car. The next moment is usually met with a sense of panic and attempts to retrace which direction you came from and what landmark you parked next to.

Relax, the Google Now app/widget on your smartphone can help you find the approximate location of where you parked so you can start heading in the right direction right away.

Easier to Find Your Parked Car

Google Now Parking Location CardGoogle Now’s new Parking location card works best if your car is your main source of transportation as the app detects when you get in and out of a vehicle. So if you ride the bus or someone else’s car, it may end up tracking those vehicles when you’re riding in them if you don’t designate otherwise.

Aside from your workplace and home locations, the app notices when you go to new or different places by  utilizes your car’s speed and travels. It then figures out the difference between when you’re riding in the car and when you get out and start walking.

The parking location cards leave a history of where you parked but does not share it with anyone else. How accurate the location card is depends on the quality of your smartphone’s GPS receptors and will improve over time.

Behavior-Based Information

Google Now App Home PageFor those of you unfamiliar with Google Now, it’s available on Google & Nexus devices. It’s also available on other smartphones as long as you have the Chrome app. The idea is that Google preemptively provides you with information before you inquire based on your habits and interests.

The most popular features are the commute times for work, nearby places, game scores, Public Alerts, weather alerts, stocks, TV shows and video, etc.

Others find this app useful to remind themselves of tasks they need to do like buy milk on the way home. If you’re browsing a website and show interest in it, Google Now alerts you of new articles posted and related topics.

If you purchase a plane ticket, it will alert you of early check-in and any delays. Reservation cards are great for on the go.

More than a parking location finder, Google Now strives to be your little personal assistant that you can take anywhere.

It’s also a great way to set reminders for yourself to stay on track of car maintenance schedules and even when to give your car a monthly clean out and clean up.

If you’re in need of a car service or repair, check out the services we offer and Schedule an Appointment Online or by phone 1 (877) 79-AAMCO. Then add a reminder for yourself on Google Now.