Snow CatsWhen snow starts to fall in Colorado this winter, the Colorado Department of Transportation will not be able to stop it. They will, however, be able to respond to it and clean it off Colorado roads with unprecedented speed and efficiency this year, thanks in part to some upgraded snow removal technology.

This year CDOT will have 102 snow plows at its disposal, including 42 equipped with advanced weather tracking systems that can tell a snow plow driver in real time what type of de-icing material he or she should use, in what composition and what quantity. Additionally, this winter CDOT will incorporate a liquid de-icing composition called APEX. In past years, CDOT crews used a mixture of salt and sand in temperatures above 20 degrees, using a liquid compound if the temperature dropped under 16. If the temperature dropped more, APEX was generally used. Now, APEX will be the primary liquid de-icer, so crews won’t have to change products if the temperature drops over the course of a storm.

According to CDOT officials, this new technology will help snow removal from Colorado’s 3800 miles of roads be quicker and more efficient than ever. The state of Colorado has budgeted $64 million for winter maintenance this year.

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