It is that time of year when families start planning for Spring Break trips and summer vacations. You remembered to pack everything, you’re ready to go, but did you remember to check your car? Often times overlooking something prior to a road trip can prevent a tremendous amount of trouble in the future. Something as simple as an improper alignment can end up turning into a crisis, or may cost you more in gas.

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Let AAMCO help you prepare for your road trip.

First thing’s first, check your owner’s manual. The best source of information about your vehicle is in that book. Double check that you know how to change your head and tail lights, check the recommended tire pressure, check the oil and other vital fluids, and know how to access or check other important areas, parts, and systems of your car. Some of these may seem like non-issues, until you’re 1,000 miles away from home.

Do not ignore any sounds or struggles your vehicle is experiencing. If you’ve noticed vibrations, irregular noises, or trouble shifting gears, you should swing by your mechanic’s shop first. We’d recommend having your struts (shock absorbers), wheel alignment, and fluid levels checked. We offer top notch Suspension Service and Repair, and would be happy to get you road trip ready. If you have the time, a tune up is also suggested before taking any long trip.

We also highly recommend checking any and all fluids in your car. This includes wiper fluid, brake fluid, coolant, oil, and more. Confirm that your battery is free of any corrosive material, and that the cables are securely fastened. If you’re hoping to improve your gas mileage, go ahead and replace your air filter.

Another important item to pack is an emergency kit. While we don’t like planning for emergencies, we’re happy we do when they happen. Make sure that your spare tire is full of air and that your jack is with the tire. These two items are easily overlooked, and they can mean the difference between being stranded or being able to reach the next town. Bring along jumper cables in case you experience any battery issues, and have your automobile tools organized and packed in an easy to reach area.

If you have a big trip planned, schedule an appointment with us to have your car inspected. Check our current promotions for any available coupons. We want you to feel confident about the condition of your vehicle before the whole family packs in for the trip!