Purchasing a used car can be a thrilling, yet nerve-racking experience. Of course the person you’re buying the car from swears up and down that everything is working beautifully, without any issues. But how do you know this to be true without looking for yourself? AAMCO Colorado is here to help you.businesswoman receiving keys of her new off-road car

Before you invest your hard earned money in the vehicle, bring it to us for a pre-purchase inspection. Just because the car looks pristine and perfect on the outside, does not mean the same is true for components under the hood. If you follow no other advice, follow this: Have a mechanic thoroughly inspect your car before you finalize the purchase.

Experts agree that this is an important part of buying a used car. Even those who are mechanically savvy are encouraged to have their vehicle inspected. Sometimes an issue isn’t something that can be seen, but can be detected once hooked up to the computer. Additionally, trained mechanics know exactly the types of issues to look for, and can help you determine if your investment is a wise one. We urge you to get a copy of the car’s history which can be obtained through companies like CarFax.

The benefits of an AAMCO Colorado pre-purchase inspection are plentiful. You can find comfort in knowing that you are protecting yourself from buying a used vehicle that may require costly repairs, ensuring that the used car is safe, you’ll know that what you are spending is a fair price, and you’ll get a clear understanding of potential threats. Additionally, we will check for any frame damage that may indicate an accident or could compromise the longevity of your car.

Getting a pre-purchase inspection is a painless process. Don’t wait to be surprised. Get a head of the problem before something bad happens. Schedule your appointment with us today!