AAMCO Colorado Transmission Repair & Auto Maintenance Services

From transmission repairs to tune-ups and everything in between, people who know go to AAMCO Colorado Transmission Repair & Total Car Care because for over 50 years, AAMCO has built a legacy of trust and expertise.

Our locally-owned and independent service centers employ the latest technology, which the expert technicians use to diagnose your car repair, fix it right the first time, and we guarantee our services with the Best Nationwide Warranty. Learn more now. That’s why AAMCO has become the most trusted name in transmission repairs and is one of the fastest growing names in total car care. Contact a Colorado AAMCO location today!


Total Car Care Services from AAMCO

Transmission Repair

AAMCO Transmission RepairAAMCO is the world’s leading transmission expert in diagnosing, servicing and maintaining your transmission. Colorado AAMCO is known for rebuilding your transmission to last and using the best mechanical parts with expert training.

  • FREE ProtectCheck® Inspection ($85 Value)
  • We will not overcharge you – ONLY pay for the fixes you NEED
  • Work is supported by the strongest nationwide warranty
  • Many of our Colorado locations offer free towing within 15 miles

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Brake Service

AAMCO Brake Service and Repair You shouldn’t be driving if you can’t stop! The gauntlet of roads, obstacles, hazards, and other drivers can be a little crazy these days. If you need to stop on a dime, you certainly want your brakes to be able handle that.

At Colorado AAMCO Transmission & Total Car Care, our expert technicians will examine, repair, and replace your entire brake system if need be. Bring your car in for a FREE brake repair inspection and get your Brakes Services at one of our many AAMCO locations.

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Exhaust and Muffler Repair

AAMCO Exhaust and Muffler Repair Service It’s easy for your Exhaust and Muffler to become damaged since it’s located under your vehicle and vulnerable to anything you may run over. Once damaged, you may notice strange sounds occurring and being the owner you will recognize the change relatively quickly. Also, the color and smell of the exhaust emitted from your vehicle provides a good indicator that something is wrong internally.

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Radiator and Cooling System Repair

AAMCO Radiator Repair and Cooling System MaintenanceEngine overheating is one of the most common car problems. If it occurs often, your vehicle can suffer severe damage to both the engine and transmission. If not fixed, you will eventually need major, more expensive repairs.

If your vehicle is overheating, be sure to contact your nearest Colorado AAMCO Transmission & Total Car Care center to schedule an appointment for a vehicle inspection and service. It’s better to fix a problem while it’s small before it grows into something worse!

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Suspension Service and Repair

AAMCO Suspension Service and RepairYour suspension takes the brunt of the stress and shock delivered by both driver and road more than any other part of the vehicle. Between stop-and-go traffic, off-roading, pot holes, curbs, and speed bumps, without a properly functioning suspension, your vehicle would eventually rattle apart. If you notice that your Shocks or Suspension is giving out or weakening, get your vehicle serviced at your nearest AAMCO location.

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Auto Tune-Up Service

AAMCO Auto Tune Up Service and Repair With so many components to a vehicle working in conjunction, make sure everything is functioning properly. A well-tuned vehicle is safer, receives better gas mileage, has greater performance, and is overall better for the environment. Don’t neglect your car and it will take care of you in return. If your vehicle needs an Auto Tune Up, be sure to contact your nearest AAMCO location to schedule an appointment.

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Factory Recommended Maintenance

AAMCO Factory Recommended Maintenance and Service You can find a factory recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle in the car manual, which outlines specific services to get in order to keep your vehicle running dependably and safely. It also informs you of what specific operations need to be completed over time and over a certain mile range in order to maintain the factory warranty and any extended warranties you may have.

It is often much more affordable to get these services at a local shop instead of at the dealer. Contact an AAMCO Colorado to discuss and provide the specific Service and Maintenance your vehicle requires.

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Vehicle Air-Conditioning Services

AAMCO Air Conditioning Services
Keeping your vehicle nice and cool during the summer can make or break your comfort. There are many components that may be affecting the performance of your air conditioning unit. Let us identify those issues and get you back in a comfortable cooled vehicle. Call for your FREE A/C check inspection

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