Auto Air Conditioning Repair Service

Auto Air Conditioning Repair Service from Your Colorado AAMCO Locations will Keep You Cool All Summer Long.

If your vehicle’s air conditioning system isn’t keeping you cool, visit a Colorado AAMCO location for a FREE ProtectCheck® Inspection to diagnose your A/C system. We’ll inspect hoses, lines, seals and other components for leaks, take temperature readings, make sure your compressor is working properly, and check the drive belt for damage. The inspection could call for a car air conditioning repair, like installing a new compressor, or the need to provide expert auto air conditioning service for your belt drives but you might just need a recharge of your refrigerant. The A/C experts at a Colorado AAMCO Transmission & Total Car Care location will be able to diagnose the problem and focus on getting it fixed the right way, saving you time and money. Let us keep you cool this summer with air conditioning repair and service from AAMCO!

Your local Colorado AAMCO will only give you the service you need, which may include:

  • Evacuate refrigerant from the system
  • Recharge the system using the appropriate refrigerant to the exact system capacity according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications
  • Perform any necessary service on compressor, evaporator, condenser, and electrical controls
  • Recheck the system to ensure proper operation

We guarantee our services with the Best Nationwide Warranty. Learn More Now.

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