Suspension Service and Repair

With Suspension Service from Your Colorado AAMCO Center, it’s a Smooth Road Ahead

Suspension Service and Suspension RepairYour vehicle’s suspension system helps provide a safe and comfortable ride by ensuring that your wheels stay in contact with the road. If your ride’s gotten bumpy, it’s time to have your suspension system checked by the expert technicians at your local Colorado AAMCO Suspension Repair center.

You can tell if your vehicle has bad shocks or struts or worn springs if your ride has become bouncy or uncomfortable, if your vehicle bottoms out, the front end of the vehicle dives or loses control while making a sudden stop, the vehicle swerves more than normal when you change lanes, of if the vehicle sags in the front or the rear.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, bring your car or truck to a Colorado AAMCO center for our free 36-point ProtectCheck® inspection and we’ll help you find out whether you need new shocks, struts, or other suspension service.

Shocks Service

Shocks are designed to provide measured resistance when the wheels on your vehicle move up and down, or when your vehicle’s chassis leans when you turn. The quality of your shocks helps determine how smooth your driving experience is. Due to the constant motion your car, truck or SUV shocks can often wear out in 25,000 to 30,000 miles.

Given the importance of shocks to your vehicle, many manufacturers recommend that you have your shocks checked once a year with a certified suspension service. This inspection is included in your Colorado AAMCO Center’s free 36-point ProtectCheck® Inspection.

Strut Service

The McPherson strut suspension system, which is used by most vehicles today, combines coil springs and shocks into one unit. Struts control spring and suspension movement, which keeps tires in contact with the road. Struts are more expensive, but have a longer life than normal shock absorbers.

Struts do also experience wear, however, and many manufacturers recommend they are checked once a year. A strut inspection is included your Colorado AAMCO Center’s free 36-point ProtectCheck® Inspection.

Coil Spring Service

Coil springs work together with shocks and struts to keep your vehicle’s bounce to a minimum. As they age, all springs will sag and weaken. Coil springs should be checked once a year. A coil spring inspection is included in AAMCO’s free 36-point ProtectCheck® Inspection.

Schedule an Appointment online or call one of the Colorado AAMCO Locations near you so we can get you back on the road, without all that extra bounce.


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