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At Colorado AAMCO Transmission & Total Car Care, we realize that a properly tuned vehicle can not only increase your gas mileage, but improve performance, while helping to protect the environment as well. This is why we recommend ensuring you visit an automotive mechanic to do a once over for all of your vehicle’s systems. This is the only way to be sure everything is running efficiently and optimally.

A tune up service at your Colorado AAMCO includes inspecting and adjusting every system in your vehicle that contributes to efficient fuel combustion and usage. Not only that, it adds to the lifespan of your vehicle and protects against having to make automotive repairs in the future. As we know, often times car repair estimates are not cheap, so to help keep you out of auto repair shops in the future, get a vehicle check up sooner rather than later. We guarantee our services with the Best Nationwide Warranty.

A Colorado AAMCO Tune Up Inspection Includes:

  • Installation of new spark plugs, and if so equipped we will perform the following:
  • Idle speed adjustment, set timing as needed, inspect choke, throttle linkage, spark plug wires and distributor cap
  • Comprehensive performance check to verify that no driveability or computer system trouble codes exist
  • Plus our 36-point ProtectCheck® Inspection to ensure all of your vehicle’s critical systems are in good working order.

How do you know if your vehicle needs a Tune Up?

If your gas mileage decreases by 10% or more, or when you experience any kind of problem with drivability, it’s time for a tune-up. Check your car’s owner manual or Contact a Colorado AAMCO location near you to find out the recommended interval for tune-ups and/or spark plug replacement for your vehicle. If you have an iPhone, download our FREE iGAAuge application to keep track of your maintenance schedule!

Seven Signs You May Need A Tune Up:image - red pencil making check marks in check boxes on checklist

  1. Flashing check engine light

  2. Smoke coming from under the hood

  3. Excessive smoke from the exhaust

  4. Recurring or sudden transmission issue

  5. Leaks

  6. Noises while driving

  7. Engine chugging, racing or shaking

If you are experiencing any of these troubles, Schedule an Appointment with your local AAMCO Colorado Repair Shop. Why Schedule Online?

Your request will go to the shop of your choice and be reviewed by a manager to set up your appointment. If your requested date and time are not available we will work with you to get your car in as soon as possible. Don’t forget to see our service specials and print out some coupons.

  • *Please note that we do our best to serve each and every customer. Appointments booked less than 24-36 hours in advance might not be available. A manager will contact you directly.

AAMCO Denver

187 W. Alameda Ave. | Denver, CO, 80223

AAMCO Colorado Springs

432 W. Garden of the Gods Rd. | Colorado Springs, CO, 80907

AAMCO Brighton

10500 Havana Ct. Unit A | Brighton, Co, 80601

AAMCO Aurora (Hampden & Tower)

18355-A E. Girard Avenue | Aurora, CO, 80013

AAMCO Aurora, E Colfax Ave

14871 E Colfax Avenue | Aurora, CO, 80011

AAMCO Arvada

6437 Miller Street | Arvada, Colorado, 80004

AAMCO Littleton

10168 W. Chatfield Ave. | Littleton, CO, 80127

AAMCO Pueblo

1910 W US Hwy 50 | Pueblo, Colorado, 81008

AAMCO Northglenn

11450 Huron Street | Northglenn, Colorado, 80234

AAMCO Longmont

1611 Vista View Dr | Longmont, Colorado, 80504

AAMCO Greeley

2445 West 29th St. | Greeley, Colorado, 80631

AAMCO Lakewood

8808 W Colfax Avenue | Lakewood, Colorado, 80215

AAMCO Fort Collins

3737 S. Mason Street | Ft. Collins, Colorado, 80525

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