Signs Your Transmission Needs Repair – Infographic

Transmission Not Shifting Smoothly

Over many years of operation, a transmission experiences a lot of wear. Sometimes when your car is not operating as smoothly as you’re used to, it’s difficult to determine the signs of the problem, much less pinpoint the problem itself. It’s also easy to ignore the warning signs, but if you know what to look for, it can mean the difference between a transmission repair or a transmission replacement. If your car’s ride is bumpy or shaky, transmission is shifting hard, or you hear clunking, grinding, or whining, you should bring your car to a local AAMCO Colorado repair center for a complete diagnostic.

Through every day travel, your car’s transmission takes the brunt of aggressive driving – from speeding up too quickly, stopping quickly, driving in hot weather, to simply not getting regular maintenance. All of this can easily lead to expensive repairs.

Here is a handy infographic with some of the common signs your transmission needs to be inspected, if not repaired.

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Infographic - Signs Your Transmission Needs Repair

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