There’s no getting around it—car repair can be expensive. At AAMCO, we understand that sometimes it’s hard to give your vehicle the maintenance it needs. That’s why we offer special deals for our customers that help you get your car in tiptop shape without dipping too deep into your wallet. Here’s what we’re offering now—and don’t forget to keep checking back with our discount car maintenance services for new specials, deals, and discounts from our AAMCO transmission experts to keep you on the road.

If you’re worried about your transmission, check out our Free Multi-Point Inspection. This multi-point transmission systems check includes an inspection of your vehicle’s transmission fluid, a road test, and a computer scan. This inspection would ordinarily put you back $85, but visit our special offers for vehicle maintenance and bring in the coupon before February 29 to get it free!

If you’ve been putting off that repair job, it’s time to get your car running smoothly. And now you have one more reason to take care of it sooner rather than later—use one of our discount coupons and save 10% off any AAMCO service over $150. That means whatever fix you need—whether it’s replacing that cracked windshield or straightening out that body dent—bring it in before February 29 we’ll help you out with some TLC for your car and your wallet.

Through the end of February, take $100 off our Guaranteed Rebuilt Transmissions with one of our coupons. If your transmission needs rebuilding, don’t wait—visit one of our Colorado transmission locations for an opinion from the experts. We have the expertise to make your transmission like new—and now you have the discount to help get you through the door.

Has your engine light come on? Now you can stop putting off that check with our Free Check Engine Light offer. Bring in your car, and we’ll take a load off your mind and figure out what the problem is for free. Don’t put it off too long, though—the offer expires at the end of February. And whether you need repairs or further internal diagnostics performed, you can always trust AAMCO.

Whether you need an Arvada auto mechanic or Brighton auto repair, AAMCO is here to keep your vehicle running great and on the road. For more information on special maintenance deals, or to find AAMCO transmission locations near you, visit Those who know, go to AAMCO!