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The Cause and Problems Associated With Windshield Cracks

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If you have been driving for long enough, most likely you have encountered a chipped windshield at some point in your driving career. This could have happened due to a car in front of you kicking up a rock, your neighborhood rugrat shooting a slingshot, or even hail. But however it happened, you should now be concerned with how to prevent the chip from turning into a crack, and what other problems can come about. So without further ado, let’s get into the meat of it.

What Causes A chip To Turn Into A Crack

Temperature Changes
There are a few factors that can cause a chip in your windshield to turn into a crack. One of the main culprits is drastic changes in temperature. Extreme heat and cold, especially when they occur during in short intervals of each other, can quickly cause a harmless chip to transform into dangerous crack. For example, in the winter when you start your car up, your vehicle is the same temperature as the outside air. When your cars heating up and the defrost is on, this causes the windshield to quickly change in temperature. That change in the temperature causes shifts in the glass, which can force a chip to splinter into a crack.

Pressure Against The Windshield
Pressure that is put upon your windshield, either from the outside or the inside, can easily cause a chip to turn into a crack. The only way to prevent this is to ensure no weight is placed on the outside of the windshield, or pressure is placed upon the inside of the windshield. During the winter, if you have a chip, cleaning the snow of your windshield after a snow storm can make all the difference. The weight of the snow can be enough to cause the problem.

What Can Be Done Once A Chip Is Noticed

The Tape Trick
This trick has been around for a very long time, and has worked for enough people that it can no longe be considered a myth of sorts. By placing a piece of clear tape over the chip on the inside of the window, you will effectively be helping to keep everything together, and will help to avoid it turning into a crack. It essentially keeps the chip form fracturing apart, and is a cheap alternative to permanently fixing it. Though, it certainly cannot be said to be better than actually repairing it. But in the meantime, anything helps right?

The Permanent Fix
If you have the cash, and don’t want that chip to turn into crack, the best solution is simply get a professional to fix it. The reapir process usually entails filling the chip with a liquid that eventually dries and holds everything together. As said, it is the best option, however even it is not certain to keep a crack from forming, but it certainly helps. One problem that can arise though, is that there are instances where the drying of the liquid actually causes a crack. If you imagine, the liquid is drying and may be putting pressure on what is already the weakest point on the windshield. So in the end, a window repair may actually force you to get your windshield replaced.

Problems Caused By Having A Crack In Your Windshield

Obstructing The Drivers View
Driving with a visible crack in your windshield is a quick way to catch yourself a ticket from Johny Law, as you would have been driving while your visibility was impaired. You won’t be arrested or anything serious, but you can be issued a fine which can at times be as expensive as a windshield itself depending on the officers mood that day. So if you do have a crack in your windshield, just get it fixed. You’ll not only avoid problems with the law, but you wont be putting people in danger because you can’t see as well as you should be able to.

The other problem with visibility is that under the right circumstances, the sun can actually refract off the crack and cause a blinding pin point of sunlight. This can easily catch you off guard at the wrong time, which means you wil be briefly unable to see. The other problem is that if this happens, you can’t avoid it unless you wear sunglasses, or until you turn your car away from the sun. Which is often easier said than done.

Compromises Airbag Deployment
On serious problem that can arise if you drive with a cracked windshield is that airbag deployment may be compromised if an accident was to occur. If the integrity of the backdrop has been compromised, and proper airbag deployment relies upon the windows structure to a point, then the deployment of the airbag itself is compromised as well.

By now with all of these points, it should be seen why its important to fix your window if a crack has erupted. It should also highlight the importance of trying to stop a chip from turning into a crack. If you have any automotive needs, or are seeking advice, such as a Greeley Transmission Repair, please visit Because those that know, go to AAMCO!