AAMCO Car Tune Up

It was the famous Sherlock Holmes who mentioned that “Many people have the ability to see, but few are able to observe.” There is an art to observation pertaining to any activity. Even something as everyday and simple as walking. People can clearly “see” others walking around, but few would be able to “observe” that the length of a persons stride is directly related to their height. The taller the person… the longer the stride. This observation may be simple once stated, but the same can be said for many things.

Now walking is seemingly pretty straightforward, and little knowledge is needed to understand the above statement. However, there are countless areas in which you can “see” or “notice” something and not be able to “observe” the reasoning behind it due to a lack of knowledge. Many people use automobiles daily, yet few understand how they work. So when something is “noticed,” it often goes un-observed due to their lack of knowledge of automobiles.

One such area is a vehicles Transmission. There are certain signs that if “observed,” can make the difference between having to make Transmission Repairs or having to replace it entirely. Auto Repair Services are obviously going to be less expensive than the entire replacement of a transmission. This is of course dependent on whether it is “observed” early enough or not. These signs are also very difficult to recognize if you are not familiar with the mechanics behind automobiles. Thus your ability to “observe” the problem is limited, though you can clearly “see” something is wrong.

So to help shed some light on this otherwise dark subject, here are a few tidbits of information to help bring those who “see” something is wrong into “observing” something is amiss with their transmission. Now the reasoning behind these signs are varied, but so long as it can be “observed,” you will know perhaps where the problem persists.

  • Regardless of whether you drive an automatic or manual, if the vehicle refuses to shift into gear.
  • If the vehicle, while in neutral, makes a noisy or rattling sound.
  • If there is a distinct burning smell.
  • The vehicle mysteriously shifts out of gear and into neutral.
  • With manual transmissions, a grinding sound occurs when trying to put the vehicle into a certain gear otherwise known as a dragging clutch.
  • Once a vehicle has been parked for some time, if it is noticed that a fluid has been leaking.
  • One sign that literally shows you, is the check engine light. Do not ignore this as most tend to do.
  • If the vehicle oddly shakes while in neutral.
  • It is to be noted that your transmission is supposed to switch gears on command, so any lag time with the gear shift should be recognized.

If any of the above problems are noticed, you may want to receive an AAMCO Free Transmission Check. It is safer and cheaper to have a preventative check up rather than wait to fix something that has failed due to negligence. To assist you in this, there are numerous AAMCO Transmission Locations found throughout Colorado which can further assist you in diagnosing the problem. Hopefully this short list can help some to recognize that their car needs a bit of attention, and when given, much can be learned. Remember, knowledge is power, and those that know… go to AAMCO!