You can save a lot of money buying a used car over a new one, especially when new cars immediately lose value as soon as you drive it off the lot. However, car dealers in general are known for being difficult to work with when it comes to bargaining and haggling for the best price. Used car dealers buy cars for a cheaper cost and charge a higher cost to make money.

With that said, it’s in their best interest to keep the price high and do the least amount of fixes possible to make the most money off each car they sold. If you’re going to test drive some cars from a used car dealer, don’t go until you know what to look for with each car that you’re interested in. Buying a used car is a lot more than just seeing if it has power and feels good to drive.

Use this infographic to educate yourself on what’s good and what are red flags to notice when checking out a used car so you can have a leg up on the salesman. Make your money and your future used car last by giving it an easy closer look.

Things to Check Before Buying a Used Car Infographic - Transmission Service - AAMCO Colorado

When you find a used car that you’re interested in moving forward with, our AAMCO Colorado stores offer a┬áPre Purchase Inspection to catch anything else you may not have noticed originally so that you have a fair deal on your final choice. Contact us today or call one of our many AAMCO Colorado Locations to schedule a Pre Purchase Inspection, transmission service, or total car care.