Man opening his trunk - Transmission Repair - AAMCO ColoradoIt is always smart to stay prepared. Whether your car breaks down or you face a random emergency, you need to be ready with the right tools to face it.

With this in mind, here are our recommendations on which tools to keep within your vehicle besides your cellphone.

1. LifeHammer

Many people keep a utility knife within their car, and that in itself is already steps ahead of the average driver. However, let’s say that you’re trapped within your car and you need to get out quickly. For example, a freak incident occurs where your car is suddenly sinking into water. You have a short period of time to escape and even a sharp or edged knife may not be quick enough.

The LifeHammer is a product that is kept near the driver’s seat that allows you to not only break windows easily, but also lets you to instantly cut through your seatbelt if it’s jammed. This cheap and simple tool can really save your life and others’.

2. Jumper Cables

One of the most common reasons why people are stuck on the road is because their car battery died. While this is not a life-threatening emergency in most cases, you still want to have jump cables to get going and save a bill from the towing company. Whether your own car stops or you see someone who needs to jump their car, it is definitely a crucial tool to keep in your trunk.

3. Flashlight

Sure, your phone has a flashlight. However, when you use your flashlight on your phone, it drains the battery that you might need later. Plus, the phone flashlight is much weaker than the average flashlight. Whatever situation you are in, make sure that you can see your way to a solution.

4. Ice Scraper

This really depends on the terrain and climate of the areas that you are driving in. However, even if you live in Arizona, it is important to carry one if you are planning on going on a road-trip to another state in the winter. If you get cold winters, then you probably always carry one anyways.

5. Folding Shovel

This is one of the most versatile tools in the world. There is a reason why most soldiers have it included with their gear. It can dig, cut, chop, defend, poke, etc. The folding shovel doesn’t take much space while simultaneously providing a plethora of solutions to any emergency.

6. Waterproof Matches

Matches might sound odd to keep within your vehicle, but there is a good reason why you should have one with you. First, if you are stranded, then keeping yourself warm and protected is crucial and matches can allow you to build a fire. Further, if you are stuck in an area that isn’t very visible, it will definitely catch the attention of folks nearby when you start a fire and burn a rubber tire on it to create a black smoke signal.

7. First-Aid Kit

Pretty self-explanatory. If you or someone else gets hurt, then you can temporarily patch yourself up till help arrives.

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