A Few Things That Can Be Done To Increase Your Vehicles Gas Mileage

At AAMCO Colorado, we want every driver to get the most out of their vehicle, and that includes receiving the most out of the gas they’ve purchased. We also want all drivers to be safe while they are driving. So if you are in need of a transmission repair, a radiator flush or even a cooling system replacement, you should pay a visit to one of our many AAMCO Locations to have our qualified technicians help ensure your vehicle is running in tip top shape.

Vehicle Maintenance
With the ever increasing cost of gasoline nowadays, it doesn’t hurt to try and save whenever you can. We have come up with the top 5 ways that you can save on your gas mileage which doesn’t include having to spend very much money, or any in some cases.

5 Tips For Improving Gas Mileage
#1 Keep your vehicles tires in proper condition: First and foremost, driving on under-inflated, unaligned, and over-inflated tires is simply dangerous, and by doing so you are simply inviting problems to occur. Beyond the safety factor, you can lose as much as 25% of a vehicles fuel economy to driving on unfit tires. In more defined terms, that’s $25 lost for every $100 spent.

#2 Use cruise control: Erratic speed differences in your driving takes a lot of energy to keep up with. Constantly speeding up and slowing down does nothing but burn fuel. Use your cruise control when ever possible to help drive at a more constant speed. Even being mindful of keeping a constant speed will save you money in the long run.

#3 Buy gas on Wednesday and not on Friday: Statistically gas prices are cheapest on Wednesdays, and obviously this is only true over the course of many Wednesdays. There may be a day in there every now and again where it’s oddly high. But generally, this rule holds true. On the other side, gas prices are more expensive come Friday. The reason for this may be that on Wednesdays, less people purchase gas, while on Fridays, people fill up for the weekend.

#4 Lighten your vehicle load: There is no reason to carry unnecessary weight along with you in your vehicle. Think of how much more difficult it would be for you to move around with added weight. The same holds true for vehicles, for every 250 pounds a normal vehicle is forced to carry, 1 mpg in fuel efficiency is lost. So trunks or truck beds filled with things you haven’t needed or thought of in a while is doing nothing more than costing you money every time you hit the road.

#5 Maintain your vehicle: There are a number of things that can cause a car to have its mpg decrease, but fortunately many of them are preventable so long as enough care is taken initially. A dirty fuel injector may not properly inject enough fuel, which wastes fuel in itself. Dirty air filters have been known to reduce a vehicles mpg by 20%. Spark plugs even play a role if they are improperly working, and can reduce efficiency by 12% in worst case scenarios.

Hopefully this will have provided the reader with enough information to save on enough gas to keep a few pretty pennies from escaping any further. If you are in need of a auto tune up or automotive check up, you should be sure to visit the nearest AAMCO location nearest you. Make sure you know your car is running efficiently, and those who know, go to AAMCO!