Autumn Driving Safety Tips

Autmn Driving Safety Tips

We probably don’t want to think about it yet, but we can’t deny autumn is on the way. As the nights draw in again, it’s easy to forget how the changing seasons can change driving conditions as well. Read on for a few tips on what to look out for when driving this autumn.

Low sun

As the nights get longer, it’s more likely you could be facing low sun glare during the prime times you tend to find yourself driving. Keep a pair of sunglasses to hand in your car at all times and drive at a slower speed. Keeping your windscreen clean also helps in these conditions.

Wet conditions

Of course, we’re all used to rain come summer or winter. But as Autumn rolls in, it’s more likely we’ll see some heavier rainfall and reduced visibility. Remember to use your headlights during the day as well as at night if it’s getting hard to see, and avoid deep puddles and high speeds if the conditions are bad.


The changing colour of the leaves as they fall to the ground are a lot of people’s favourite thing about Autumn. However, these pesky little leaves can cause a whole plethora of problems for drivers. When they are wet, they can become very slippery and dangerous for drivers, so look out for patches of leaves and reduce your speed before driving through them. Falling leaves can also cause problems if they get caught between your bonnet and windscreen, so keep your car clear of debris.


Sudden fog is a big problem for drivers, sometimes reducing visibility to zero out of nowhere. Leave large distances between yourself and the car in front, slow down, know where your fog lights are and keep your headlights dipped. Above all, if in doubt – pull over and wait it out.

Temperature changes

We all know how unpredictable the great British weather can be – one minute we’re out barbequing, the next we’re getting the fire ready. And autumn is a prime time for this kind of sudden change in temperature.

Frosty and icy conditions can suddenly descend before you feel quite ready for it, causing slippery conditions and accidents. The cold weather can also bring other hidden dangers; variations in temperature can cause your windscreen to expand and contract, causing distortion and sometimes cracks in the glass. Therefore, it’s especially important during this season to look out for changes in your windscreen, as even the smallest crack can cause a lot of problems and spread into a much bigger issue very easily. Look into auto windscreen repair if you notice any damage, no matter how small it may seem – you could save yourself a fortune in the long run.

Kids back on the road

Ah the summer holidays. If you don’t have kids, this might not mean much to you – but you soon notice when your drive to work is nice and clear. With the autumn comes the new school term – so it’s time to slow down and keep an extra cautious eye-out for any little ones near the road.


Autumn is a busy time for many animals. Some smaller animals use the season to gather food stores for winter and it’s also mating season for larger animals, bringing them out roaming in larger numbers. Look out for deer on the road and take it slower, particularly in country and wooded areas.

Iain Aitchison is an avid motorist and automotive blogger.  He blogs regularly about hints and tips as well as trends in the automotive industry.

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