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Money matters are complicated and often nonsensical. For the average Joe, speaking to a financial advisor can sometimes sound like butting in on a conversation in an alien language, and keeping track of all the different ways to save money and protect and grow your assets is enough to give anyone a headache.

And this goes for the money you spend driving too. Driving is expensive, but in order to make it cheaper you need to understand concepts like insurance policies, auto loans, tax and more. To demonstrate my point read on and discover just how backwards some money saving methods are. These tips will all save you money… but they are completely nonsensical…

Adding People to Your Insurance

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You’d think that having more people driving your car would make your insurance more expensive right? Well wrong actually – if you add the right people to your insurance policy (people who are more experienced than you with a clean record) – then you’ll actually get your insurance for less. The reason for this is that the insurers figure those people are going to be driving the car at least some of the time. And if they’re more experienced than you are, then the assumption will be that the car is less likely to crash during that time.

Topping Up Your Fuel in the Morning

AAMCO Colorado Fuel Gauge

The smart cats among you will now be asking how on Earth filling up your fuel in the morning rather than the afternoon could possibly save you any money. Well if it’s a fresh and cool morning then it actually can. Why? Because fuel is slightly more compact in cold weather and then expands as it gets water. If you top up on a cold morning then, you will get fractionally more fuel into your car and that in turn will help you to get further for the same money. Weird but true…

Buy a Really Old Car

AAMCO Colorado Old Car

If you buy a car that’s old enough then it doesn’t even legally need seatbelts. Doesn’t sound terribly safe does it? Actually though these seemingly unsafe cars will also save you money: because you won’t have to pay any tax on them! And if you can find a really old banger then it will be pretty cheap to buy too.

Buy a More Expensive Car

AAMCo Colorado New Car

On the other hand though, if you’re willing to spend a little more money on your car then you’ll save yourself three years of MOT and the car will be less likely to break down and need expensive work done on it. Plus you’ll be able to sell the vehicle back for more…

Buy Back Your No Claims

AAMCO Colorado No Claims

It might sound absurd that you should be able to buy back your no claims bonus, but actually this is something that many insurers now offer. It doesn’t make much sense in terms of the accuracy of your policy, but it can mean you save money on your monthly payments so in some situations it’s a good move.




At AAMCO Colorado, we want you to not only enjoy driving, but not have it cost an arm and a leg either.  If you live in  Colorado, and need a Transmission ServiceRadiator RepairBrake Repair,  or any other Auto Repair, please contact your local AAMCO Colorado Location to schedule an appointment.

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The author of this post is Dawn Anderson. Dawn is the proud owner of a Yamaha MT-01.