One of the things we look toward advertisers to do is to provide us with entertaining commercials that feature new products. In fact, most of us expect them to convince us that we want that product. Often, the commercials that tell a story, make us chuckle, or speak to a need or want usually leave an impact on us and we want to tell others about it.

Other times, the commercial is just downright horrible and leaves an impact on us, and we want to share how horrible it was with others. Prepare yourselves for this list of the top 10 worst car commercials we’ve seen yet.

Celine Dion Dodge Chrysler-Dodge Colt 200

Here, we see Celine Dion dancing in the urban streets with two guys when a random door falls down, revealing a Chrysler-Dodge Colt 200. Celine decides that this car must be hers and she takes off down the street with it. She blasts past a cop and with the speed of this Colt, dragging out cars that she passes by. It seems a little more like a commercial for happy pills.


Susan Lucci Ford Windstar

Our dear Susan Lucci promotes the new Windstar dressed like Trekkie on The Price is Right and ends with a nice rip off of Star Trek by asking no one in particular to beam her up. Apparently the Ford Windstar was supposed to be something futuristic at the time.


Triumph Spitfire – Hey Champ

The Triumph Spitfire here advertises that it’s a national racecar champion yet the commercial itself has a young couple driving slowly through the country as others speed past them. The woman is playing a harmonica, implying that the demographic is a couple of young college-aged hippies. Not quite sure what they were thinking.


Renault “I’m So Excited”

This commercial is a confused mess of attempted action videos, a music video, and a car promotion with dancing ladies. Even though The Pointer Sisters’, “I’m So Excited,” plays in the background, we’re not sure what we’re supposed to be excited about with this. There is a guy who swerves out of control in the middle of nowhere and a truck carrying what first appears to be a port-o-potty through a puddle though.


JLO Fiat Papi

Jennifer Lopez, the spokesmodel for Fiat, drives around the city and hits people with her car. She proceeds to drive through an apocalyptic scene and gets out to dance with a bunch of people. The most perplexing part is that JLO ends up killing all of them with her magical dance moves.


Volkswagen Da Da Da

If Volkswagen was trying to make their cars seem very mediocre, they were successful with this very mediocre commercial. Two guys drive around one day being bored in the car. They find a couch and load it up, drive off, decide it smells, and drops it off. Why they didn’t notice that it smelled funky five minutes ago, we can’t be sure. A short story but not a very interesting one.


Toyota Corolla Apple Juice

A man goes into a smoothie shop and orders what he thinks will be a meh smoothie but the worker suggests making it with apple juice. The ad proceeds in song and dance about the miracle of apple juice, showing nothing about a car until the end in which Toyota mentions they made subtle differences to the 1998 Corolla. A funny video that pertains to the flash mob/Broadway spirit in us all but poorly executed to make someone want to buy the car when it only has subtle differences compared to the previous year’s model.


Robot Suicide

In bad taste, GM created this commercial shown at Super Bowl XLI after a big GM layoff. Why is it bad taste? Well, because this ad features a robot that accidentally drops a screw, is fired, and after working some random jobs and seeing GM cars driving by each day, decides to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. Is this GM’s way of saying their laid off workers are bound for self-destruction for not caring enough about quality?


Chevy Man Step

Chevy, Chevy, Chevy, we are disappointed in you. How their ad team decided it was ok to condone bullying in this commercial is a surprise to us. A “manly man” with the Silverado makes fun of a guy in an F-150 who has a “man step” to get off his truck bed. Shame on you. What if he has knee problems that prevent him from leaping off the end of his pickup with a log in one arm?


Nicolas Cage Senova Chase Scene

Nicolas Cage never ceases to amaze us. In this ad, he tries out his fancy stunt driving moves while other Senovas are in hot pursuit through the streets of China only to end in a marketplace where he addresses his pursuers. The drivers step out of the cars wearing motorcycle helmets for some reason and reveal that they are a young woman and an elderly woman. They then meet some men inside and shake hands. One might wonder if this was Nicolas Cage’s way of proposing to a woman and making himself worthy of marriage.

There you have it, some of the worst car commercials ever. What do you think? Are there any that we missed?