AAMCO is one of the best-known automotive franchises in the world. Franchisees benefit from the recognition and trust that comes from decades of success in the industry and millions of customers served. Here’s how we became an iconic brand.

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Video Transcript

Our founder, Anthony Martino, and the Morgan family eventually acquired the brand. They tell us the story about … there was a franchising meeting where you had Ray Crock, the founder of McDonald’s, who was in the room with Mr. Rosenberg, who had a strong interest in the donut industry – Dunkin’ Donuts. And, of course, you had Anthony Martino that was in the transmission repair business. And the story was told to me like this:

They sat around the table and Mr. Martino said to Mr. Crock, “I appreciate the fact you’re going into the hamburger business, but I’d much rather sell transmissions at a significantly higher ticket value than 15 cent hamburgers at McDonald’s.”

I think that’s one thing that really is appealing about the AAMCO brand is the fact that as it relates to transmissions, we, in this brand as a destination retailer, retail for the consumer. Consumers know our brand from a transmission standpoint that allows us to own a destination component within that brand, where consumers will seek this brand out for transmission repairs.

At the same token, our brand is also very well known for total car care. So, not only can we fix a very complicated part of your car, the transmission, we can also do other service for your vehicle. And we believe that’s extremely important in this category because as cars become more complex, as consumers become more discerning about the purchases within those vehicles, one of the things they’re going to look to is they’re going to look to outlets they have a high degree of trust with. And given the fact most consumers don’t know a lot about their vehicles, they entrust that service to outlets. And we believe great brands like AAMCO are the ones that are extremely well positioned to build upon that trust. And we get that by demonstrating to those consumers through our technical acumen and our competency, if we can solve your problems on transmissions, we certainly can solve other problems on your vehicle.