Check out this cool video about transmissions – brought to you by your professional transmission technicians at AAMCO.

AAMCO Transmissions and Total Car Care. “800 Pieces : 90 Spot.” Online video. YouTube. YouTube, 04 Sep 2014. Web, 02 May 2016.


Your transmission is just one piece of your car. But do you have any idea how many pieces make up that one piece? 800! That means that there are 800 things that could go wrong – 800 ways to make your transmission slip, your gears grind, or your clutches drag. And when the day comes and something goes wrong with one of those 800 pieces, there’s only one place to go: AAMCO.

We’re the transmission experts with over 50 years of experience rebuilding and replacing transmissions – and all their 800 pieces. We’ve fixed over 40 million of them – way more than our competitors. And we offer a lifetime warranty. And because we have the skill to fix an 800 piece transmission, we can easily fix the rest of your car, too. Brakes, shocks, mufflers, even your engine.

Lots of things can make your engine light come on. Today, it can be hard to tell what’s wrong with your car – especially if it’s your transmission. Our technicians are trained to keep up with the complex engineering of today’s cars.

So, next time something goes wrong with your transmission and one of its 800 pieces, or any other piece of your car, bring it to your local AAMCO… for peace of mind. That’s AAMCO. Double A, M C O.