Vehicle Maintenance and Emissions
Recently, Volkswagen violated some standards for emission standards on a few makes of their cars. This was a very significant violation with some serious consequences relating directly to emissions.

Emissions testing on vehicles is to test the level of pollutants a vehicle is producing. It is very essential for several reasons including lowering the amount of harmful pollutants released into the air. These tests differ from state to state and the type of test can vary depending on the specific car you are driving.

How Volkswagen Violated Standards

Volkswagen is a reputable vehicle manufacturer that recently violated a huge standard for a vehicles emissions requirements. The company installed a defeat device in a few models that has programming making the level of nitrogen oxide being emitted while driving not seen during an emissions test. Nitrogen oxide is a pollutant that can cause serious harm to the environment and to people.

Since this pollutant was not seen during most of these select Volkswagen vehicles emissions tests, nothing was being done about it, and it was released 35 times higher than normal during driving. The device hiding the pollutant during testing is prohibited by the Clean Air Act making them illegal. Around eleven million cars worldwide contained this device, ultimately leading to some serious consequences including several deaths reported. There has been a serious lawsuit taken against Volkswagen and a few steps started to address the problem.

You can see through these consequences how important it is to have a vehicle that is properly maintained and built correctly to avoid issues with emissions testing.

Importance of Emissions Standards

Emissions testing is specifically done to improve the environment and a person’s health as well. It checks the level of hazardous materials that escape from your car because these materials can be let out into the atmosphere causing harm to it.

Knowing if your car passes an emissions test can help identify what part of your car needs to be fixed to help lower the amount of pollutants that are being produced. These pollutants can be harmful and dangerous. Lessening these contaminants can increase overall quality of the air and make your car more efficient in general. These tests are done depending on the type of vehicle and the timing requirements may vary by where your vehicle is registered.

Vehicle Maintenance for Emissions

Once your car fails an emissions test, you are required to figure out what is wrong and get it fixed so you can go back again and pass. Failing this test can have consequences including not being able to renew your car’s registration. It is wise to know how to maintain your car properly so you can avoid failing the test in the first place before it is too late.

A few things to make sure of before you go in for the test are:
• Making sure your car feels like it is running well
• The check engine light is off
• The tires are inflated all the way
• The oil has been changed out recently among others.

To stay in compliance with emissions standards, you will need to maintain your car in the right way.

While maintaining your vehicle, keep these specific parts in mind to keep them properly functioning. The brake system is critical to keep your car safe. You need to maintain the belts, hoses, filters, battery and a few systems that work together. The emissions system, cooling system, fuel system and suspension system are a few others. One other aspect is to keep the transmission in good condition. All of these things will be checked during an emissions test and run together for a good functioning vehicle with the least amount of pollutants emitted.

There are many steps you can take to make sure you pass an emissions test when the time comes. You need to know what to do to prevent failing this test and more costly repairs.

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